Healthy Beginnings

Taylor Donovan | Chiropractor

Taylor Donovan is a Chiropractor who has lived in Reno for two years, having moved here from the southern California desert town of Joshua Tree. He has practiced chiropractic medicine and healing for 4 years. His background includes strong basic science (biochemistry and molecular biology) and a ton of related holistic healing experience and training. At this point, you may already think you know who he is, or at least his “type.” You might be telling yourself: hmmm, another holistic bone cracker joining the ranks…

Sadly, this is what humans do. Decide in advance about things, with little or no direct knowledge: Our brain pigeonholes our experiences and uses them to form new judgments, rather than utilizing the new information available to us each moment. However, you’ll find that Dr. Donovan doesn’t fit in a pigeonhole. He is far different from the experiences most of us are familiar with. Yes, he’s a chiropractor, but the areas of his study and the work he undertook after college clearly affect his personal values and the way he practices. The difference is most palpable in a one-on-one experience with Taylor Donovan the person, not Taylor Donovan, DC. Let me explain.

Chiropractic care is about “reconnecting the mind with the body by ensuring that the nerves are communicating information properly to the muscles and internal organs,” Taylor said. He believes that it is vital to teach our body to self regulate from the inside out. Your body will start “falling apart” at some point in your life. Therefore, it’s truly imperative for a person to find a practice that helps delay the body’s natural decaying process. Taylor has studied multiple styles of medicine, along with long living indigenous cultures to find a practice in which healing and wellness were key.

Taylor studied biochemistry and molecular biology during the first four years of college. He was amazed at the very miracle that lies within one microscopic cell and the importance of intercellular communication. He minored in anthropology, focusing on medicinal anthropology. He was and is intrigued by the way a community ebbs and flows, together. He researched the various healing modalities that have existed in our world over time. Most importantly, he wanted to know which practices were essential in creating a healthy and prosperous environment for everyone involved.

He took this knowledge and curiosity to the wilderness with an organization that helps troubled teens find a new path to a better life. Taylor worked with this group for 5 years in Idaho. He feels that bringing people into nature in a community-oriented setting, truly teaches a person how to find health, on many levels.

Taylor wanted to focus on the actual therapy behind this concept, which took him to West Virginia. He worked as an adolescent therapist for a boarding school for two years. This was not the dark blue blazer and expensive dormitory type of school — more like 28 days in the woods and village style living. Yes, they had 3 months of a “boarding school” existence at the end of their stay, but the majority of therapy came from their experience with nature and with each other. Taylor was in charge of the kids’ one and a half month experience in “the village.” He created programs that taught them the impact that their individual actions had on the entire village community.

After his stint in West Virginia, Taylor knew that he wanted to continue helping people find health, but in a different capacity. He went on to study the world of chiropractic medicine. He obtained his doctor of chiropractic credentials in 2004 from The Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.

Taylor does not limit his healing work to simple chiropractic adjustments. He incorporates yoga poses, health classes, wellness assessments and nutritional supplements if he deems they are needed. He is currently taking yoga teacher training classes and would like to center his attention on the relationship between chiropractic and yoga. Taylor said that this connection might “define the rest of my career.”

In his free time, Taylor enjoys biking, backpacking, gardening and reading and writing poetry. He seems most passionate about the sport “Ultimate Frisbee” and happens to be the captain of his team. Just for the record, it is not like frisbee golf, at all.

What would Mr. Donovan be doing if he were not practicing in the field of chiropractic care? Taylor said, “I would most likely be living on a tropical coastal paradise with all of the incredible friends that I’ve shared my life with, practicing permaculture, performance arts, and mindful relationship work.”

“Really though, my mission in these years is to serve the causes of vibrant sustainable health practices in community. Reno is my chosen playing field.”