Healthy Beginnings

Youth Training Programs Encourage Confidence, Build Strength

By Mimi Strickler, UFC GYM Reno

Fitness and physical activity is critical for our youth. It promotes positive mental health, builds strong bones and muscles, and reduces the possibility of developing obesity and risk factors that can lead to chronic diseases later in life. Physical activity also a affects a child’s academic achievement, as well as helps with concentration, memory and behavior. Studies show that youth who meet the guidelines for physical activity have been known to score higher in test scores in both math and reading in comparison to the youth who spend less time in physical activities.

The UFC GYM youth training programs are geared toward creating a courageous and health-conscious younger generation. All classes and training are designed to develop strong athletic and motivational skills that our community youth will carry throughout their lifetime. Our platform allows for an incredible program that can take children that are just literally going to school, or take them through high school and give them the outlets of additional workouts, tness regimens and wellness tips to enhance their physical tness or athletic training. These tness and physical activities will enable them in the future to be stronger, more t adults. The UFC GYM has a strong focus with our youth programming and empowerment of building self-con dence and helping youth become the best version of themselves, regardless of age.

UFC GYM classes include Daily Ultimate Training, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts, which all focus on coordination, agility, speed and strength. Our youth classes are led by experienced youth and family fitness-certified instructors who consistently reinforce the UFC GYM mentality to never give up and keep our youth motivated, even outside the gym. The gym also offers family Daily Ultimate Training (D.U.T.)TM classes where kids and parents can exercise and get t as a team, together.

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