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Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe


Have you ever wondered, “Who are these people and how did I attract them? What’s going on here?” At one time or another we’ve all found ourselves wondering how or why we got into a certain situation. It may have started out great, but after a while it began to deteriorate. To determine what’s going on, it’s always useful to look at your past jobs, friendships or relationships to see if you can recognize a pattern. Do you continue to attract the same personality type? Unless you stop and begin to examine recurring patterns, you may continue to attract that same person over and over. I’ve heard gals say, “I keep attracting the same guy in different pants.” Or we may continue to attract the same type of boss, friends, the same conditions or situations.

That’s because we don’t understand what vibes we’re broadcasting, what mental and emotional frequencies we’re sending out. Most of us understand that every thought has an invisible vibrational frequency. That thought goes out into this energy soup we live in and attracts back to us the people, conditions and situations that match the thought. It’s just physics, and scientists like Einstein and his colleagues understood this in the twenties. They found that the experimenter’s thoughts and expectation affected the experiment – every time – one way or another – depending on what the scientists were thinking/expecting as they carried out the experiment. The most famous experiment was supposed to determine whether light was a wave or a particle. If the scientist setting up the experiment expected it to be a wave, it was a wave. If he expected it to be a particle it showed up as a particle. This blew them away. Unfortunately this knowledge of the power of our minds didn’t filter down to the common man for a hundred years.

In fact, in the thirties a university psychologist in England accused academics and scientists all over Europe of deliberately suppressing this information. Fast forward to 2006 when the movie The Secret was produced. That movie was based on work done by Esther and Jerry Hicks starting in 1985 which said exactly the same thing: every thought has a specific vibrational frequency, like a radio signal. That signal goes out into the vibrant energy environment we live in and attracts back to us the people, conditions and situations that match the thought. But there’s more: that thought then gives us the emotions to match, and our emotions drive our words and actions. And of course our words and actions go to make up our lives. Wow! Who knew that thoughts had that much power – or any power at all?

So when we’re thinking about things we don’t want … talking about them, complaining about them, commiserating about them, we’re just attracting more of the same. Often we think we’re talking about what we DO want while we’re actually talking about what we DON’T want. So we get more of what we don’t want.

In her book, Ask and It Is Given Esther Hicks says, “You are Consciousness. You are Energy. You are Vibration. You are Electricity. You are Source Energy. You are Creator. You are on the Leading Edge of thought, and even though it may seem odd to you at first, it will be helpful for you to begin to accept yourself as a Vibrational Being, for this is a Vibrational Universe in which you are living, and the Laws that govern this Universe are Vibrationally based.”

We now know that a huge percentage of human communication is nonverbal, and we don’t mean body language. We mean invisible vibrational frequencies (vibes), electromagnetic frequencies, energies, signals that are beaming out to everyone around us. We’re actually broadcasting/receiving stations, using both our conscious and subconscious minds. If you don’t know the essence of what you’re broadcasting because you aren’t in the habit of listening to your intuition about what you’re receiving, you’re sort of flying blind and will continue to be mightily confused about why you’re a magnet to the dysfunctional people you may be attracting.

Our job is to know ourselves. Know what deeply held beliefs you’re harboring – about prosperity, relationships, health, family, politics, religion, the mainstream culture, etc. Know what beliefs you’ve been programmed with, know why you think the way you think and do the things you do. Then decide if you want to continue on that path. Don’t be like the woman who followed her programming blindly. For example, every time she baked a ham, she cut one end off and crammed it into the side of the pan. One day a friend asked her why she did this. She replied that her mother had always done it that way. When questioned about it, her mother said, “I cut it into two pieces because I didn’t have a pan big enough to hold the whole ham.” Whoa! All those years of repeating an action robotically because she didn’t know why she was doing it. Millions of people do this every day on millions of subjects, as we simply muddle through, acting out our programming without questioning why we think, believe or expect the things we do.

Just remember that every thought you give your attention to expands and becomes a bigger part of your vibrational mix. Whether it’s a thought of something you want or a thought of something you don’t want, your attention to it invites the essence of the thought into your experience. And you can learn to control your thoughts. That can be useful, joyful and empowering, for when you control your thoughts you control your life. Just know that your vibes attract your tribe, whether they’re colleagues, friends, lovers, bosses, situations, conditions, health or prosperity. It’s worth thinking about.


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