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What’s up with Erectile Dysfunction?

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Solutions for moderate erectile dysfunction are abound in the multimedia ads we are all deluged with these days. The well known medicines enhance the sex lives of millions. Unfortunately one size does not fit all and one type of pill won’t work for everyone. In so many cases common pharmaceutical solutions cause unacceptable side effects such as headache, red eyes and back pain. For many others they just don’t work.

In regards to premature ejaculation they just do not help at all. The Reno Male Performance Clinic works with the more stubborn cases of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

With an aging population still quite interested in enjoying sex, new obstacles begin to pop up and get in the way of a healthy sex life. We are living and staying active so much longer now. Many ailments such as diabetes, heart attack, prostrate removal, high blood pressure, multiple medications, obesity and that last birthday are working against us. Even with all these nagging inhibitors, solutions are available and most men can have their sex lives reinvigorated through the use of the MP2 dosing protocol.

The MP2 Protocol is a blend of non-systemic, FDA approved medications that can be customized to restore a man’s ability to perform, regardless of his age or medical condition. It is been proven to work over 90% of the time. ED medications and hormone therapies can have varying combinations in infinite dosages making it possible to tailor a medication for each individual. For instance, a patient who has had prostate cancer and suffers from hypertension and is 76 years old will need a different formulation in his prescription than a 40 year old who simply has horrible side effects to the popular pills. The combined medications dilate the arteries, draw blood to the area and stimulate the muscle. Simply stated, the combination of medicines mixed specifically for each patient will result in an erection similar to the really good old days and the ability to maintain the erection for the duration of the patient’s preference.

When the patient comes in to see the Doctor, the patient’s medical history and current list of meds is the vital information needed to determine an appropriate test dose of medication for the patient. The key factors are evaluated. Depending on the reaction to a test dose, the patient’s final prescription can be calculated, which includes the appropriate amount of medication to obtain a 95% or better erection. The length of time the patient would like his erection to last can also be adjusted. There are literally hundreds of dosing combinations to accommodate the wide variety of ages and ailments to be dealt with.
All in all, if erectile dysfunction problems have got you down, visit The Reno Male Performance Clinic and get it up and get back in the game.

Dr. Eric Math our Medical Director is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. We have an experienced and compassionate team and only use FDA approved medications compounded here in the U.S.A.


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