Healthy Beginnings

Virginia Parsons MS, CCHT, CTLC, NC

300-virginiaparsonsVirginia Parsons has lived her life doing everything as natural as possible. Growing up on an organic beef farm outside of Chicago, she was part of the “green movement” before it was even a movement. She has been practicing life enhancement services for over 25 years and has an impressive list of credentials to support it.

Virginia holds a Masters Degree in Adult Health Education, is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and is currently a PhD candidate. She has extensive training in behavioral modification, Neuro-linguistic programming and goal achievement techniques. To add to her qualifications, Virginia is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and The Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research as a Health/Fitness Specialist and Lifestyle Coach.

In many years teaching in Corporate Wellness Centers, Virginia realized that people have great intentions and goals of being healthy, but often life gets in the way. During this time she learned about hypnosis as another tool that can be used toward achieving one’s goals. After intensely studying hypnotherapy, Virginia immediately saw the results working on clients and her own family.

The main approach Virginia uses is hypnocoaching. This is a mix of hypnotherapy and life coaching. Through hypnotherapy Virginia is able to take the client to a state of trance where many things can be accomplished and solutions discovered. She then works with the client outside of the trance to determine how they’re going to take action towards those solutions. Clients are changed and healed on a subconscious level then guided on how to take action and stay focused on their goals.

Virginia’s biggest thrust with hypnocoaching is weight loss. Through hypnocoaching a client is better able to understand their relationship to food, to themselves and their eating habits. Virginia mixes hypnocoaching with weight management and lifestyle programs that have proven to be more effective than weight management alone. Another tool that assists in this process includes DNA analysis kits. Through DNA analysis, you are able to learn such things as predispositions you may have for certain conditions, what is best to eat, as well as supplements to help metabolize your body fat. Ultimately, this is a customized formulation for your body.

The Seven Keys to Self-Actualization unlocks the power of your mind to achieve your Life’s Purpose and deepest desires in all areas of your life. It starts with a Life Guidance Discovery Session and provides the client with a road map of action steps and coaching to help you realize your goals in the Seven Key areas of your life. The Seven Keys to Self-Actualization encourages self-discovery, helps you develop new life skills and facilitate problem solving.

For more than 25 years, life enhancement has been Virginia’s passion. She cares about her clients and seeing positive results. No one leaves her office without a hug. She believes that people posses the power to change their lives, she is simply on your team and wants to see you succeed – together great things are accomplished. By the time a client is finished with Virginia they know they don’t need her anymore and feel confident on their own. They are able to take the tools and apply them to their life on an ongoing basis.

When first beginning hypnocoaching Virginia was surprised with how quickly she saw change when a person was ready. She realized early on you couldn’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to. She requires a minimum of four sessions for a client and this number differs depending on each individual’s needs. She always says to her clients, “pay attention to your thoughts and the words you utter, for every thought there is a central nervous system physiological response.”
Outside of work, Virginia loves hiking, golfing and taking walks. She has been doing yoga for over 20 years and loves to spend time with her family, simply enjoying life.