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The Vampire Facelift: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Technology and the Art of Sculpting a Beautiful Face


In our introductory, exciting episode titled “The Vampire Series,” in the August, 2016, issue of Healthy Beginnings Magazine, we introduced the concept extracting stem cells via Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) as a means of stimulating new collagen, blood vessels and fatty tissue generation to “repair” maturing skin, hair and hormonal decline.

PRP was developed, as many medical breakthroughs are, from scientific experimentation resulting from everyday seemingly innocuous events. In the case of PRP, we noticed that, several days after scraping a knee or elbow following a fall, a yellow “goo” will form around the scab.1 The “goo” consists of multi-potent stem cells, containing growth factors, 8 to be exact, sentinels lying dormant, waiting to be called upon to repair damaged tissue.

Study of the physiological progression of the wound from the moment of injury to completed healing renders us capable of replicating Mother Nature, essentially creating our own “goo.”

Starting with a simple blood draw, we can extract, via a proprietary centrifugation technique, the essence of our own innate healing properties, i.e. the “goo,” technically known as platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM), to grow new skin, collagen, fat, nerves and blood vessels.

Healing open wounds exhibit a 5-fold increase in calcium concentration versus normal tissue. After isolating the platelet rich portion of the upper watery portion of a blood sample, we infuse calcium into the concentrate activating the growth factors to stimulate latent stem cells to create new, youthful tissue in the face, scalp, breast, sex organs, and joints and muscles.

Though they sound “scary” or exotic, “The Vampire Series” are simply our way of taking Mother Nature’s healing properties from your own blood, hence the “Vampire” moniker.

What Is The Vampire FaceLift®?2

The Vampire FaceLift® combines our extracted platelet rich fibrin matrix with hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, our preference is Juvederm, to deliver a youthful, naturally fresh new face.

How Does the Vampire FaceLift® Work?

In restructuring the human face we look to the master of masters, Leonardo da Vinci and his 15th century concepts
of the ideal human. Based on the “Golden Ratio,” da Vinci’s theories are as relevant today as they were
500 years ago. The “Golden Ratio” is a mathematical progression defining facial proportion and symmetry. Simply stated, a symmetrical face, based on the “Golden Ratio,” is an attractive face.3

When analyzing a patient for the Vampire Facelift®, we map the foundation of the face based on the “Golden Ratio.” We place hyaluronic acid fillers, i.e. Juvederm, to create a “scaffolding” or frame for our desired form.

Next, we strategically inject the PRFM calcium infused “goo” into the voids left by aging and fat loss. The end product is a younger, fresh-face you. Skin quality, color and texture are noticeably improved. A youthful, natural beauty emerges without the pain, inconvenience, expense or downtime of surgical intervention.

Surgical Facelift versus Vampire Facelift®

Though surgical intervention is still the gold standard for lifting and tightening loose, sagging skin, it is not a cureall for the aging face. A surgical facelift still contributes to the underlying collapse and does little to improve skin quality. The Vampire Techniques lifts the face from the bone, improving volume, texture, color and integrity.

The Vampire Facelift® is the perfect compliment to our proprietary Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Program, recently presented to more than 3,000 physicians at the May 2016 Academy of AntiAging Medicine’s 24th World Congress in Hollywood, Fla.

Stay tuned for future episodes of the “Vampire Series” as we explore the Game Changers, the O Shot® for women and the Priapus Shot® for men, platelet rich plasma’s effect on libido, sensitivity, intensity, function, ease of orgasm and a documented 85 percent success rate in reducing urinary incontinence.5

The Vampire Breast Lift® nonsurgically thickens, repairs and remodels damaged breast tissue. The H air Restoration Project restores damaged hair follicles due to nonhereditary hair loss. Our P RP Joint Restoration Project treats stubborn arthritic tendons, muscles, cartilage, and ligaments unresponsive to medication, manipulation or more traditional corticosteroid injections.

Dr. Clearfield’s 30 plus years of experience in family medicine, aesthetics, medical acupuncture, bio identical hormone replacement therapy, and women’s health issues enables him to customize a treatment plan optimally suited to your needs and desires.

For more information, call 775-359-122 or email at to schedule your consultation with Dr. Clearfield today!


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