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Ultraviolet Light-Medicine of the future…from the past!

UBI clinical trials look promising for the treatment of immune system diseases

In the 1920s, a therapy was developed in the United States that utilized ultraviolet light to irradiate the blood. It proved to be very effective at treating a variety of ailments while showing very little toxicity. The only problem: you cannot patent ultraviolet light, so no one could make large amounts of money from it.

It was lost in the onslaught of the large amount of pharmaceuticals that made their way into healthcare starting in the 1950s. The good thing is that Eastern Europe could not afford the drugs, so they carried on the research into this very useful medical treatment.

Since then, over 125 published medical studies demonstrated the efficacy of this remarkable treatment. These studies have mostly been published in Europe, and the therapy is very slowly beginning to re-emerge in the US.

This therapy, called UBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation) has been shown to be effective at treating conditions such as Asthma/Allergies, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Heart Disease/Angina, Hepatitis, Lupus, Non-Healing Wounds, Poor Circulation, Respiratory Infections, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Shingles/Herpes, Staph Infections/MRSA, Cancer and even HIV.

Blood (1/2 pint) is drawn from the patient’s arm using a needle and tubing (similar to donating blood). This blood circulates through a medical ultraviolet device where it is exposed to ultraviolet light of two frequencies. Once treated with the light, the blood is returned to the patient in the simple closed loop system.

In the process, the smaller bacterial, viral or cancer cells are targeted and absorb five times as much photonic energy as their healthy counterparts. The healthy cells remain intact while the diseased cells are killed and become “antigenic.” An “autogenous (self-generated) vaccine” is thus produced.

When this “vaccine” is coupled with the photonic energy given off by the treated blood, the microbes in the bloodstream are rapidly destroyed. This is called “induced secondary immune reactivation.”

This enhances the body’s ability to produce antibodies, allowing the natural immune system to burst into action against even the most stubborn (antibiotic resistant) bacteria, virus or cancer cells.

Then, the body works with a new supercharged immune response, greater oxygenation and a balancing of the system.

The FDA stated that “it recognizes the therapeutic benefit of UBI” and the American Cancer Society says “UBI clinical trials look promising for the treatment of immune system diseases such as MS, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and rejection of transplanted organs.”

There is obviously something more at work, going beyond the simple killing of invading organisms. With that, more research is being done to clearly delineate what else is going on in this process. However, this therapy is available right now; and it is said that patients feel results within the first two to three treatments.


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