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Thinking About Trying the Little Blue Pill? Learn the Natural Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


Does the new Viagra commercial scare you? It scared me to listen to all the side effects and health risks that the little blue wonder pill has to offer, and now it’s in the convenient packet ready for the weekend – yikes! With the internet’s worldwide retailers willing to sell controlled substances without a prescription, these potent pharmaceuticals are readily available at your whim, and yet you may not actually need them and their risks.

Sex is great – fun, exciting, exhilarating and downright necessary for creating a family. It is alarming that erectile dysfunction is settling in on a younger age group each decade and we must question, why?

We all understand that there are many
medical and health conditions that will
cause ED, and you may have to use
a medication or hormone replacement therapy. And, many of us know that there are lifestyle choices that interfere with erections such as alcohol, illicit drugs, cigarettes and marijuana that cause a decrease of testosterone and an increase of estrogen – just the opposite of what you need to re up your libido. For most men, if you stop the usage of those substances, you’ll stand tall and firm on demand.

Let’s not forget about the impact of stress. For decades it’s been known that when young men lack confidence from minimal sexual experience, they can suffer from ED and, with an understanding partner and banking play time in the bedroom, the issue will resolve. Also known is that the stresses of work or finances can contribute to ED, keeping a guy on the sidelines but, once the stressors reside, he’s back in game. What’s happening here is that stress is partnered with fear. Yep – you read correctly, fear is a factor. It is THE secret partner that hijacks your nervous system and prevents your brain from signaling the nerve cells in the penis to release nitric oxide, which “opens the valves to fill the penis with blood and closes the drain valves to keep it rm.” This is the mechanism that Viagra works with to support erections.

What if you’re con dent in the bedroom, but the stressors have passed and nervousness/anxiety still plague you? You may be struggling with shame. Psychology and psychiatric researchers discovered that when a person experiences thoughts of shame, it triggers fear and they enter the “ flight, fight, freeze” response. This is an impossible physical state for a typical erection because the body is being controlled by the sympathetic nervous system – survival mode. The psychotherapeutic treatment is not to overcome fear, but is the healing of shameful thinking about one’s self image. Instead of taking an anti-anxiety medication, you need to love yourself. Change your thinking and you can overcome ED.

What if you’re none of the above? You do not have a medical or health condition, you do not use substances that cause hormone imbalances and you don’t have a psychological issue. You could be suffering from insufficient levels of nitric oxide caused by dietary-induced inflammation and/or antibodies that reduce production of testosterone. What is this food you’re eating that’s wrecking your sex life? Modern day grains and/or cow’s dairy, rice, corn, oats and brewer’s yeast! The current name for the medical diagnosis is Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS).

Here’s what happening. If your immune system has become gluten intolerant, it reacts to gluten by causing inflammation and the chronic state of inflammation (by continually eating grains or dairy) damages the blood vessels’ ability to produce the needed nitric oxide for blood flow control to the penis. The immune system can also produce antibodies against the testicles, which over time damages tissue and reduces the quantity of testosterone the testicles can produce, thus causing low libido and subsequently ED. New blood tests can identify if you are gluten intolerant and if you have antibodies to the testicles. If you’re dealing with inflammation-induced nitric oxide deficiency and/or low testosterone due to antibodies to testicles, the elimination of gluten and dairy from the diet combined with nutritional supplements to repair the blood vessels just might return you to full function.

There are many serious health consequences of using Viagra and other therapies. Something to reflect upon is this – how comfortable is your lover being with a partner who is at a high risk of a stroke or heart attack? The side effects of a gluten-and dairy-free diet typically include weight loss of belly fat and more energy. It seems to me that a slimmer waistline and a risk-free bedroom salute to your lover are more appealing.

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