Healthy Beginnings

There is no Neutral

When life reaches out and grabs you, go with it. Your future awaits and it doesn’t take kindly to being put off.

I know a woman who struggled with depression, various addictions, and low self-esteem into her forties. Although she was very intelligent and talented, she lived far below her potential and played the role of the family “black sheep.” Through therapy she was helped to discover her true calling. Somewhat tentatively at first, she began to make the changes that would bring her destiny to life.

Unfortunately, the self-destructive forces in life don’t usually give up their influence and authority without a battle. They prefer things as they were and will try to derail your efforts at change. Such was the case with this woman. Whenever she wavered in her efforts to grow, giving in to her fears or laziness, her old habits and thought patterns quickly re-asserted themselves. Her depression returned like a dark, enveloping cloud. When she wasn’t moving forward, she was moving backwards. There was no middle ground, no neutral or “park,” and no sitting on the fence.

When you apply the brakes to your psychological and spiritual growth, you don’t just stop, you go backwards. Life is structured this way to keep you moving forward. Stalling and procrastination are not indifferent to life; they go against life. They take away your momentum, your focus, and your resolve. So when your destiny grabs you, let yourself flow with it. Look forwards, not backwards. You know what the past holds, and you don’t need to go through it again. Instead, embrace your future with enthusiasm and an adventurous spirit.