Healthy Beginnings

The Sun is in Cancer

cancer-zodiacThe Sun enters Cancer this month on June 20. This marks Summer Solstice. It is the longest day and the shortest night of the year. Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac and it rules the fluid state of life and light. For those of us here in the Sierras, it is time for maximum snow melt and water runoff. The water element is highly enlivened and energized.

We also need to remember that our bodies are 70 to 80 percent water. Esoterically, water is the physical manifestation of the etheric dimension. This subtle, non-physical dimension is the source of vitality. Water is necessary for life as we know it to exist. Our etheric body interpenetrates our physical body and feeds it prana, or chi, directly from the life forces emanating from our Sun and the stars. The balanced flow of fluids throughout the body is the physical counterpart of this etheric energy.

On another level Cancer, and its planetary ruler the Moon, rule the principle of soul. We are beings of body, soul and spirit. Soul is the intermediary between spirit and body. The primary principle of soul is love. The language of love is feeling and emotion. An emphasis on the water element in a person’s natal chart will manifest as strong feelings and emotional tendencies. It is important to understand that love, feelings and emotions are the expression of cosmic forces and powers. Love is the glue of the universe that holds together the infinite diversity of life.

From a physiological standpoint, Cancer rules the stomach and the digestive system. The alimentary canal from the mouth to the anus is a very complex system to break down food and assimilate it into our bodies. The stomach is the primary center for this alchemical process but the liver, kidneys, spleen, intestines and other organs play their specialized roles and contribute to the metabolic process. It takes tremendous forces to break down outer nature (food) and transform it into energy for the body.

The ultimate, most refined and precious result of these processes is the blood. Blood is a very special esoteric, spiritual fluid that we will examine in a future article. Cancer and the Moon also rule the breasts and the production of mother’s milk. Milk is one of the most important universal nutritional foods in creation. This is also a very special fluid for the manifestation and growth of life.

The Sun in Cancer tends to put pressure on the digestive system, especially the stomach. If you were born with the Sun in Cancer or have your ascendant or important planets in this sign, you will tend to have a more sensitive stomach and digestive system. During this time there will be a tendency to overeat and partake of foods that are more difficult to digest. This is also a time when food allergies can become more aggravated. Be conscious about putting too much pressure on your metabolism. Some of the best remedies for digestive problems are peppermint, spearmint, and papaya. These are best taken in the form of teas. Having a nice cup of hot tea after meals can be soothing and healing. A good basic rule to follow is moderation in all things.

From an outer perspective, Cancer rules nature. All the kingdoms and beings of nature are the objectified manifestation of soul or the Divine Mother. There is a direct correspondence between the human soul and outer nature. As we are told by the ancient mystery teachings, nature has been given to us to feed, nurture, and heal ourselves. The healing methodologies of past civilizations were based in a deep and profound understanding of nature. The world provides us with a vast cornucopia of healing remedies for every possible disease and cause of ill health. We are slowly reclaiming this knowledge and will be all the better for it. Some fundamental paradigms of what the human being is and what constitutes health have to change in order to come into right relationship with Cancer and nature.


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