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The Missing Piece to the Law of Attraction


We all know that each thought has a different vibrational frequency, a specific electromagnetic signal. Those thoughts go out into the seemingly empty space around us and attract back to us the people, situations and conditions that match the frequency of the thought. The energy of our thoughts, our attitudes, impressions and perceptions also flood our bodies at the moment we think the thought. That flood of invisible energy, that very real thought, affects all fifty trillion cells in your body, and creates a feeling that matches the thought. Since there are over one hundred thousand processes taking place every second in every cell, this all happens very fast. That feeling, that emotion caused by the thought then drives our words and actions, which ultimately make up our lives. The premise behind the Law of Attraction has always been that if we can control our thoughts, we can control our lives.

However, this process has a feedback loop which has not been fully explained. It’s not a dead end when thoughts create emotions which then cause words and actions (which make up our lives). Those feelings and emotions then affect the next thought and the next and the next, creating an increase in the emotion as well as an expansion and attraction of thought. An example would be if you thought of something unpleasant, something someone said that caused you to feel angry. That thought immediately causes the old feelings of anger you originally felt, which causes more thoughts of the unfairness of the whole situation as you begin to remember more circumstances.

Those thoughts make you madder, which causes even more interconnected thoughts about the people who were involved, the whole situation, even the location, which causes more anger. As the thoughts persist, they attract more thoughts on the same subject and soon you’re thinking of other unrelated situations where you became angry, which causes more anger. A vicious cycle. Hopefully you’re not driving a vehicle when all this occurs. You’ll be attracting other angry drivers, all distracted from driving while thinking about a negative thing that happened to them. It doesn’t matter if that incident happened years ago or yesterday. An important part of your mind can’t tell the difference between then and now, or between real and pretend, so it gives you the same cycle of thoughts = feelings = thoughts = feelings that you first experienced. Wow! What a self-defeating mess! And it’s not only that you’re attracting other people who are on the same wave length, you’re attracting situations and conditions that match those vibes, certainly situations and conditions you don’t want.

So what do you do when you find yourself caught in this cycle? Pivot your mind. Since thoughts are the original cause, we have to change those thoughts to break the cycle. But we have to have something ready, something delicious, a visualization or memory that we can pop into our mind to break that negative-thinking cycle and get back on track toward what we do want. Everyone has something they want to have, to accomplish or to experience. You’ve thought about this a thousand times. Those thoughts are valuable. Flesh them out into a complete picture of you doing the thing you really want to do. Dr. Joe Dispenza, the author of the book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself,

calls this “rehearsal.” By running through your visualization, by rehearsing what you want to do, you are attracting it. Desire is the engine but emotion is the fuel, so by adding strong emotion to this rehearsal, it is being attracted to you much sooner and much more powerfully, just like you were attracting angry drivers/co-workers/family members when you were “rehearsing” your memory of anger. Positive or negative, it doesn’t matter; it works just the same. You are the creator, the attractor, the engine. Just don’t let the emotion of any negative memory or situation run the show. And it can, you know. You’ve experienced it yourself when you let emotions run rampant. Nip it in the bud. Stop it before it gets out of control, before you attract something really bad. Pivot your mind and rehearse what you do want to experience. That’s when you’re most powerful. Knowledge is power. When you know what’s happening it’s much easier to control it. This is just physics; every cell and every thought has an electromagnetic charge, a vibrational frequency. And you are the controller because of your ability to think. Use this power to create more of what you want, not what you don’t want.                                                                               


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