Healthy Beginnings

The Healthy Adventurer | September 2007

Biking across Australia, South to North

Part 2:

It had stopped raining for a while…which changed my outlook a bit.

It struck me again as I was leaving Adelaide on my trusty road bike Wilhelm VIII, that cities in Australia do not look much different than they do in the US, except for one important thing — they are much cleaner! What helps, I imagine, is an array of garbage cans along all the streets. I wonder why we don’t do this?

By the time I reached the northern outskirts of Adelaide, the rain resumed in earnest. I had put on my new rain gear some time ago, but I was already wet! How did this happen? My rain gear was supposed to be “water proof” yet breathable. Though my motion had kept me warm, I could not imagine that I had perspired so much!

However, the most important thing to me was to keep my luggage dry. I made it a science and an art to travel as lightly as possible; it took me several years to learn how to bike with the less than10 lbs total luggage, which I carry in a little knapsack. This has the advantage that, should I ever wish to interrupt my bike ride in favor of a hike, I simply strap it all onto my back and go. For now, I slipped my luggage into a 13gal plastic garbage bag and tied it to the rack of my bike. That would keep the contents dry.

So what do I carry with me in my small bag of tricks? Being a kind person, I will share my secrets with you. I pack a little tent; a light sleeping bag; a small “thermarest” mattress; a spare tire, 2 tubes and a miniature set of tools. For clothes, I bring an extra T-shirt, light sweater, vest, extra underwear and socks. Last, I bring a bag of supplements to assure my continued good health. Incidentally, I have not been sick since 1972!

As I told you earlier, my wife and I own Everlasting Health Center in Reno, and I have taken many different products over the years. My belief is that the major causes of disease are nutritional deficiencies, not a lack of drugs. So I take Super Supplemental, a multivitamin/mineral. I also take Men’s Formula to prevent prostatitis; Vitamin B6 to protect against carpal tunnel irritation, Brain-Protex for mental alertness, LBS II to assure regular bowel movements; Activated Charcoal should I have a challenge with diarrhea; and Spirulina for a source of protein and extra energy. I have fared extremely well with this traveling “medicine chest,” in all climates and cultures.

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