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THE HEALING CODE: Six Minutes to Heal the Source of Any Health, Success or Relationship Issue

HealingCode-300By Alexander Loyd, Ph.D., ND and Ben Johnson, M.D., DO, NMD

Reviewed for Healthy Beginnings by June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt|

If you could spend six minutes, three times a day focusing energy toward specific healing centers on your own face and neck, knowing that your physical or emotional issues would be healed, would you do it? Your first thought is probably, “Sure I’d do it if I believed it would work.” The three magic words are, “If I believed.” What if you had read enough testimonials to know that the healing would take place whether you believed it or not? The authors of this book hope you will try it so you can prove to yourself that you have an amazing built-in healing system that very few people know about.

Dr. Ben Johnson, the only M.D. in the movie The Secret, knew a lot about energy healing, positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. He traveled the world, giving seminars on the effect thoughts and emotions have on our health; he also had a full-time practice and family. He didn’t realize how much stress he was experiencing until he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. Eighty percent of people live only five years after developing symptoms of that condition. Luckily, he heard about Dr. Alexander Loyd’s work on the Healing Codes, attended a seminar and started doing the Codes immediately. After three months of doing a simple six minute procedure three times a day, he had no more jerking muscles. To be sure that he was healed, he returned to the two physicians who had given him the original diagnosis. They found no symptoms whatsoever of that condition and were astonished because they knew that there is no cure for Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Research shows that our memories are not just in our brains; they’re in every cell. All stress and trauma settle in our cells somewhere. Research scientists call that cellular memory. This memory is stored in pictures, and some of these unconscious memories are false impressions, untruths, which if left uncorrected, eventually result in emotional or physical disease. The authors call these memories Pictures of the Heart. So, how does one go about removing unconscious incorrect data and replacing it with corrected data? No one knew.

That is until Alexander Loyd experienced what he calls a “download” of information and pictures of hand positions while on a flight home from an energy medicine seminar in 2001. His wife had suffered from clinical depression for twelve years. He had obtained a psychiatry degree, as well as a naturopathic degree in order to find some help for her. He was at his wit’s end as he sat on the plane praying for help. Suddenly, he began to receive information that was very unfamiliar. For three hours he filled legal pads, writing everything down as it came to his mind. When he returned home, he tried the hand positions on his wife, and her depression dissipated. It returned a few days later, but after three weeks of her doing the hand positions daily, the depression disappeared for good. Dr. Loyd immediately began to incorporate this new knowledge into his practice while searching for the philosophical and scientific basis for the healing that he saw all around him. He found that as erroneous memories were healed, ailments in the body were healed. Everything from cancer to thyroiditis, fibroid tumors, gallstones, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, neurological problems, phobias, panic attacks, abandonment issues and more have been healed by using the simple Codes.

Dr. Loyd and his colleagues have worked steadily to determine how the energy transferred from our hands to four healing centers on our face and neck have such a powerful healing effect. It’s all about stress, vibrational frequencies (physics) and intention. The book explains it in simple terms, and shows the hand movements. It also gives you a ten second process to immediately reduce current situational stress.

When you go online and register your book, you receive additional information as well as a twelve page printout of your own personal “Heart Issues Finder,” a video of Drs. Loyd and Johnson explaining the “Seven Secrets to Life, Health and Prosperity,” a copy of the “Secret Spiritual Laws of Nature,” a “Personal Tracking” form to keep a record of your healing journey, and sample “Truth Focus Statements.” These doctors want you to get well! They no longer have any faith in using drugs to mask symptoms. They believe in getting down to the CAUSE of the problem and eliminating it. This book has excellent scientifically backed information and is a fascinating read!