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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Every emotion has a certain vibrational frequency. The highest most positive emotions are love, joy, empowerment, freedom and appreciation. But if you’re in the middle of a bad relationship, it’s pretty hard to get to the feeling of love. If you have just unexpectedly lost your job, empowerment is not the first feeling you recognize. If your child is seemingly trapped by addictive substances, the emotion of joy is a little hard to get to. And if you’ve been struggling to make ends meet and another big bill arrives in your mailbox, the feeling of freedom isn’t the first thing you notice…in fact, quite the opposite. But, what about appreciation? No matter what is happening around us, we can always find something to appreciate.

Getting to that feeling of appreciation is the secret key to climbing out of an emotional mud hole. But it takes a conscious effort because we are conditioned to throw a pity party if we have been hit by a negative situation. After all, isn’t that what our parents did? Isn’t that what our friends do? Isn’t that what mass media models for us? Talk about the problem incessantly and gripe and moan? Instead, let’s use what we know about physics…for our betterment. Let’s not default on our natural power and keep ourselves down in the mud hole.

We know that every thought has a vibrational frequency too. Thoughts create our emotions. Our emotions drive our words and actions, and our words and actions make up our life. Hmm. Thoughts are the engine of creation, but emotion is the fuel. The thought of losing your job creates the emotion of fear. Fear is in the same league as grief, despair and powerlessness, the lowest most negative emotions. The vibrational frequencies beaming out from you as you feel those negative emotions are attracting more of the same…more people, situations and conditions that will bring you more fear, grief, despair and powerlessness: IF YOU STAY THERE. But, if you refuse to roll around in that mud hole, and choose to climb out, you CAN find something to appreciate. Is it easy? Maybe not at first, but it’s productive. Can you learn to do it automatically? Of course. So what are the benefits? Why shouldn’t I indulge myself and have a little whine fest? Because, you’ll attract more things to whine about.

If you’ll immediately begin to think of things to appreciate, you’ll be amazed how fast your attitude and mood changes. Why is that? Thoughts create emotions. As you think appreciative thoughts–even if they’re about small things–your feelings change and you begin to relax. Your body stops producing cortisol, the stress hormone, and starts producing serotonin and other feel good hormones. You are now sending out vibrational frequencies of empowerment and positive expectation, which attract to you situations, conditions and people who bring enthusiasm, eagerness, optimism and hopefulness. It’s a cycle and we cannot escape it. It’s built in. This basic physics of vibrational frequencies runs our bodies as well as everything around us. Some call it the Law of Attraction. Some call it the Law of Magnetic Resonance or the Law of Frequencies. It’s all the same thing–a built-in free will system where WE get to choose what we live…through our thoughts and emotions. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and we can choose the gifts we receive.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we’d learned this as kids? Then as adults we could easily focus our minds on what we want, and then imagine what it would feel like to experience that, and then attract it quickly. Instead, our minds jump around like grasshoppers, focusing on this and that, jumping here and there, doing incessant pros and cons, which ultimately keep us stuck right where we are. One step forward and two back. Two steps backward and one forward. Zero progress. So, use your built-in physics and move ahead consistently. The first step is appreciation. Every day find something to appreciate. No matter what is happening around you, focus on finding something to appreciate, then something else. And watch your mood change. Watch how people (who always receive your invisible thought and feeling frequencies) react to you. Watch opportunities come to you. The gift that keeps on giving is your own free-will, a conscious use of positive emotions, and the easiest to get to is appreciation. Have a wonderful holiday!


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