Healthy Beginnings

Take Ownership of Your Own Life

300-lifeWhat part of this is mine? Consider, ALL OF IT!

It’s the first of a new year and it seems so natural to want a fresh beginning. Weight reduction programs, athletic clubs, all find a thriving new business full of customers who have vowed to turn over a new leaf and commit to a change of some sort. It is a good feeling, clearing the clutter of the mind and the body by finding a new path to follow, one that will bring a long desired self-improvement.

Sometimes there is success in this process and other times we find ourselves slipping back into old patterns and habits and ways of thinking that are familiar. This seems perfectly natural when so much of our days are spent doing the same thing over and over; it isn’t easy to institute a change.

Taking this one step further, how often do other factors of life keep coming up in recurring patterns? An example of this might be breaking up a relationship only to find out the new relationship has the same issues. We shift from one thing to the next hoping for change but not taking the time to consider that the new environment, though having a different appearance, will be the same experience if the change doesn’t come from within. Looking outside of ourselves, analyzing the behavior of others to find the reason that we don’t feel the way we want to feel is not a solution for change. “What part do I play in this experience?” I suggest that a major personal change occurs when the answer given is: “All of it!”

Is it a stretch to begin thinking this way? Absolutely. A comment made so often to a spouse, partner, and co-worker, when in the middle of a disagreement comes down to an almost helpless exclamation of “you make me feel.” But when looked at from a slightly different perspective, it is impossible for someone else to have control over your feelings. You are the one that feels and you can control what those feelings are. When finally taking responsibility for those feelings there is a shift that occurs that at first can be frightening, because blaming someone else is a habit and a pattern that is not easy to break.

There is an empowerment discovered with the thought that only you can find how you feel and if you make the choice to take ownership of that, then your inner spirit can wake up, rise to the challenge and find a freedom for the first time that will finally put you in the drivers seat of your life.
The first step is being willing to make the decision to stop looking at others for your unhappiness, and to take it even further, your happiness.

It is not a difficult decision to make, but it can make a big difference in what you bring into your experience. And the next step is finding ways to put this willingness into action through the use of certain tools and processes, which are aids to help you shift those old ideas you have been hanging on to. It can be like anything, practice, practice, practice and soon the old habit is replaced with the new. When we stop looking outside to find the change that will bring happiness and realize that the path to happiness lies within, the word that comes to mind is “freedom.” This is also a new path to that long desired self-improvement, one that has the potential to move through this year and into the years ahead.

“Do you know that you are the creator of you? Do you know that you are the product of your own creation? You are the creator of you. You are the creator and you are the created. You are what you are creating; it is your state of being it is your state of life. That is what you are creating, you see.” —Abraham, Orlando 5/23/09


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