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Spring Skiing: It’s Not Over Yet!

300-spring-skiingby Sean Block |

Have you seen them? They are everywhere; the raccoon-eyed tan lines of those who have not yet abandoned the slopes. And why would you? The last of the snow may have fallen, but it hasn’t melted yet. The days are lighter longer, the lines are smaller, and who doesn’t like skiing or riding comfortably in a T-shirt? The powder days are gone, but the season persists. So before you hang up the skis and pull out the bike, the boat, or the hiking shoes, it is time to cash in on a few more weeks in the mountains.

Spring skiing is different than in the depths of winter. Watch out for hazards like rocks, trees and dirt that emerge from the shrinking snow-pack; and don’t forget the sunscreen! However regardless of the season, some things are always the same; like these tips for hard times to help you save a bit of money and time on the mountain.

PACK A LUNCH!!!! – If you’ve been to a ski-resort, you’ve seen the lunch-line. Busier than an elementary school cafeteria and infinitely more expensive, the best idea is to stay away altogether. Snacks and drinks for the ride home are always a plus!

Fuel Up BEFORE You Head Out – Gas prices can spike almost a dollar between metropolitan areas such as Reno, and the fuel available in the mountains! On a round-trip drive to a resort 50 miles from Reno at 15 miles per gallon, this amounts to a possible $7 in savings each trip. For those driving from farther away, the savings can be even more significant.

If You’re Going Next Season…- Some resorts offer season-passes that include the springtime of one season, AND the entire next season in one! Many season-pass rates spike once the season starts. If you know you’ll be going, get your pass now and potentially save yourself hundreds!

Check For Ticket Deals – Most resorts have daily specials, group rates, and multiple-ticket discounts. If you don’t make it up enough to buy a season pass, these packages, deals and discounts offer great ways to save money.
Make An Equipment Checklist – Especially if you are heading to the slope with the kids, a checklist is crucial.

Whether in your head or on paper, amid the chaos that is resort-skiing, a list can help you from losing or forgetting equipment, passes, etc…one of the leading causes of bad times on the mountain. Missing equipment costs money, time, and frustration and can be easily avoided by staying aware of what you need with you. Also, in spring the snow is melting and things get wet; packing extra gear (gloves in particular!) can help guarantee that you remain warm, dry and happy on the slopes.