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Happy New Year! Yes, it is that time of year that we all say to each other, “What is your New Year’s Resolution?” Mine is going to be the most common, LOSE WEIGHT! We all know the routine. Join a gym, buy our very own clothes rack, I mean exercise equipment, buy the latest and greatest diet book, etc. If this is your new year’s resolution why not try something different. Combine the benefits of weight loss and turn it into a relaxing vacation getaway. There are many spa resorts around the world that you can go to accomplish this.

Spa Resorts are as close as David Walley’s Resort Hot Springs in Genoa, Nevada, or as faraway and exotic as Thailand. Whether you choose to stay close to home or venture to a warm inviting climate you should start by detoxing your body. You can eliminate the toxins which accumulate in your tissues and bloodstream that are coming from the toxic environment and pollutants that we are exposed to on a daily basis. This can be done at a spa through a combination of massage, sauna, oils, mild fasting, and colon therapy. Immediate benefits are MORE ENERGY! The body is expending energy trying to eliminate the chemical and toxins we take in on a daily basis. By ridding your body of these toxins you will have more energy to do the activities that are enjoyable to you. The long term benefits are amazing! With proper detoxification you can get:

  • More Energy
  • Fewer Allergies
  • Stronger Immunity
  • Fewer Aches & Pains
  • Naturally Healthier Skin & Hair
  • A Much Healthier You

When toxins build up faster than you can eliminate them, your body makes new fat just to store the toxins. This is done to protect your organs from the toxins and to store them as far away from your vital organs as possible. This is a huge reason to detox. Who wants that excess fat under their chin or arms, or worse around their middle or hips?

When looking for a great Spa Resort, look for someplace that will meet your goals. What are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to go to a place that focuses on diet, physical activity, detoxification, colon cleansing, relaxation, or pampering? Many of the resorts offer some or all of these. Your travel consultant can provide you with details on dozens of types of spa vacations, themes, and the amenities provided by each. Most spas will offer week long packages that encompass meals, activities and accommodations. You can even get airfare included at a discounted rate!

A world renowned spa is located right next door in California. Some of you may have heard of it. The Chopra Center located within La Costa Resort & Spa. It is a relatively short drive from Reno or better yet fly into San Diego and relieve yourself of the stress of driving to Southern California. It sits along the coastal foothills of Carlsbad, California. Here you will find luxurious but relaxed and informal accommodations with amenities that include 2 championship golf courses, tennis courts and athletic facilities. There are various programs offered with many of them taught by Dr. Chopra himself. If you would rather venture to an exotic warm locale why not try the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi,Chiang Mai in Thailand. It features majestic architecture modeled after the opulent palaces of northern Thailand. The Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi is a destination in itself. Ranging from a shopping arcade to a culinary academy, this is a luxury locale from which you can explore nearby sites of historical and cultural interests along with enjoying the benefits of the health enhancing-spa. The Dheva Spa combines exotic pampering services with health enhancement and holistic offerings. The Dheva Spa features an ornate seven-tiered teakwood roof symbolizing the seven steps along the path to nirvana in Buddhist philosophy.

Picture yourself amongst the teakwood buildings with meandering walkways and rice paddies surrounding your villa. Lavish in the spa’s unique “Signature Ceremonies.” Each ceremony begins with a welcoming foot ritual and includes: an herbal scrub, herbal steam bath, body wrap, and 80-minute massage. If you are looking for an amazing “over the top” experience in an exotic location, this is the place.

So whether you are looking to stay close to home or venture to an exotic destination, there is a Spa Resort that can meet your needs. Seek a travel professional who is a Spa Destination Specialist to plan your next trip.

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