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Soul Searching

“Soul searching.” It’s a phrase you don’t hear much anymore. When a person had a difficult decision to make, they had to do some “soul searching.” They had to go deep within themselves to find the values and wisdom that would guide them to the right response. Perhaps the phrase has fallen out of use because a lot of people don’t believe in the soul anymore. They don’t know what it is, or choose to deny its existence. They view it as some quaint idea from the past. How do you search your soul if you don’t believe or aren’t aware that it even exists?

Steeped in the culture of the ego and a society that is becoming increasingly psychopathic, soul searching takes on deepened importance today. People don’t just need help listening to their soul, they now need help finding it. Whether you want to be or not, you are called to be a searcher for the soul. You need to find your soul, and the soul in life, or you risk throwing your life away. You need to find your soul so that you can help others find theirs.

How do you find your soul; where should your search begin? Your soul is found in your dreams and in the wonder of a chance encounter. It is behind your deeper feelings and deepest loves. It is in your calling, your unique gifts and talents. It is the driving force of your destiny. It is in the encouragement life gives you as you become your true self. And it is in the illness or disappointment that redirects you to your properpath. It is in the fascination and curiosity that draws you deeper into the mysteries of life. And it is in the love and desire for meaning that makes you want to grow and to know God.

You’ll find your soul is all around you, if you just begin the search.

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