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Reno Eatery Champions Farm-to-Table: Liberty Food & Wine Exchange Approaches 1 Year in Business; Offers Local, Fresh and Organic Eats

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Liberty Food & Wine Exchange, an artisan eatery and wine bar located in Reno, supports a simple yet impactful Northern Nevada credo – simple, seasonal, local and fresh.

The farm-to-table restaurant, operated by local food advocate, owner and executive chef Mark Estee, opened its doors to the community in June 2016, and offers more than your average sit-down dining experience.

Located at the corner of West First and North Sierra streets, Liberty Food & Wine Exchange – which appears to be a small, sip-and-snack wine bar – boasts more than 4,000 square feet composed of a restaurant, kitchen, bakery, USDA-approved butcher shop and boutique market. The downstairs operation – dedicated to wholesale production and catering services – spans nearly 10,000 square feet.

The eatery offers house-cured meats and specialty cuts, fresh organic breads and pastas, rich sauces and colorful plates – all seasonal, all local and all fresh.

Estee, a community leader and nationally-recognized chef, has dedicated more than 24 years of his career to building both a thriving restaurant and community culture centered around fresh, local and seasonal food in Northern Nevada.

He often asks the question, “Do you know where your food comes from?”, in order to encourage dialogue about the importance of supporting local harvest – for both individual and community health.

“Where do you make a difference? You make a difference by buying local products,” Estee said. “They are healthier, they have less food miles [and] you keep the money in the community.”

Estee has been a local leader in the slow food community since the mid ‘90s. The Slow Food movement was started by Italian activist Carlo Petrini in the 1980s with the initial aim to defend regional traditions, local and fresh food, and a slow pace of life. In

more than two decades, Slow Food has evolved to embrace a comprehensive approach to food that recognizes the strong connections between plate, planet, people, politics and culture.

Liberty Food & Wine Exchange offers local wine-friendly foods and food-friendly wines. The restaurant encourages the concept of “exchange” – the exchange of conversation, perspectives and stories. The exchange of food and wine. The eatery’s atmosphere – fun, elegant and edgy – offer a place to nourish your body with local, fresh foods and nourish your mind with shareable conversation and community camaraderie.

Estee also owns chez louie, a French-American restaurant located in the Nevada Museum of Art, and acts as managing partner of Campo Mammoth, a rustic-chic eatery in Mammoth Lakes, Calif. He is an active board member for the Great Basin Community Food Co-op and continues to advocate for the Slow Food movement. Liberty Food & Wine is currently the heart of Estee’s craft. This spring, Estee plans to offer patio dining.

For more information, call 775-284-2921 or visit