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Relieve aching and sore muscles with deep tissue massage

Deep-tissue-massage-relieves-stressDeep tissue massage relieves aching and sore muscles. The massage therapist uses strong strokes to find the knotted muscle groups, generally finding the trigger points that are aligned with each muscle group. For instance, knee pain may not have anything to do with the knee at all. It may be that the IT band is tight and pulls on the muscles that hold the knee joint in place.This is typically known as Iliotibial band syndrome, one can relieve the pain without surgery many times by stretching. In particular doing the yoga Pigeon pose helps to stretch the IT band.

Another aspect of deep tissue massage is that it is very relaxing. If you fall asleep you know that the therapist is doing her job. Be sure to drink plenty of water after the massage and stretch several times throughout the day.