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Reasons to shop at local farmers markets

Female Stall Holder At Farmers Fresh Food Market

As you can imagine it would be very tough for a small family farms to compete with the huge food chains. Buying directly from a farmer is less expensive as you are not incurring inflated prices that include the middleman and costly shipping and other transportation associated with shipping food. Supporting the farmer gives them a better return for the product and helps to ensure that they can continue farming for your community.

Most of the food found in conventional grocery is grown using pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and genetic modification. For transportation purposes some foods have also been irradiated, waxed or gassed in transit contributing to negative effects on your health. In contrast, produce at the farmers market is minimally processed. Local farmers put in the extra effort to grow the most nutritious produce possible using sustainable techniques and harvesting right before market.

Seasonal choices offer you the opportunity to eat in tune with the seasons. Connect with the cycle of nature in your area by eating fruits and vegetables that grow within a particular season. Seasonal eating also provides the optimum time for eating the fruits and vegetables. You can also showcase in season picks in yummy recipes, such as summer corn succotash or a fall acorn squash is delicious roasted.

The fruits and vegetables that you purchase at your Local Farmers market are in season which means the flavor is at its peak, sometimes picked as recently as the same morning. The produce has longer time in the field and hardly any time in transit to disrupt the natural ripening process. No need for chemicals to stimulate ripeness. The fruits and vegetables have not been sitting in storage for weeks losing flavor and nutrients.

Food in the United States travels an average of 15,000 miles to get to your plate. This requires large amounts of natural resources, contributes to pollution and generates trash with excessive packaging. Conventional agriculture also uses more resources than sustainable farming and contributes to polluting water land and air with harmful agricultural byproducts. Local farmers transport their food shorter distances and generally grow with methods that minimize impact on the environment.

Shopping at the farmers market helps to build a local economy made up of the people that you know and do business with. Instead of supporting large corporations based in other cities, states or countries, food from the farmers market travels through fewer hands therefore more of the money goes to the people growing it. You can make an important economic impact in your community by buying from local producers who are already supporting the community with their farming business.

Farmer’s Markets: Get em while they’re fresh!


Summit Market | Located at the Summit Mall, Reno, 9am to 2pm.
Runs until September 24

United Methodist Church | 1231 Pyramid Way, Sparks, NV, 8am to 1pm

South Lake Tahoe Certified Farmers Market | American Legion Hall Parking Lot, 2732 SLT Blvd (Hwy 50), 8am to 1pm, Runs until October 5

Foothill Farmers Market | Truckee River Regional Park, Truckee, CA, 8am to 1pm, Runs until September 28

Kings Beach SRA | Tahoe City, CA, 8am to 1pm, Runs until September 7


Somerersett Towne Square | Somersett Drive, Reno, NV, 4 to 8pm.

Gardnerville Farmers Market at Lampe Park | 1325 Waterloo
Lane, Gardnerville, NV, 9am to 1pm, Runs until September 16


Midtown Farmers’ Market | 1311 S Virginia St. Reno, NV
10am to 2pm

Sparks Farmers’ Market | Victorian Square, Sparks, NV, 3 to 8pm

Foothill Farmers Market | Truckee River Regional Park, Truckee,
CA, 4 to 6pm, Runs until October 20

Commons Beach | Tahoe City, CA, 8am to 1pm, Runs until
September 30


Kahle Park Farmers Market | Kahle Park, Stateline, NV, 4 to 7pm


Village Market | California Avenue at Booth Street, Reno, NV
8am to 1pm, runs until September 26.

Summit Market | Located at the Summit Mall, Reno, NV, 9am to
2pm Runs until September 24

Lazy 5 Regional Park | Sparks, NV, 7:30am to 12:30pm
Runs until September 14

Carson Farmers Market | 3rd & Curry Street, Carson City, NV
8:30am to 1pm, runs until September 19

Incline Village | Outside of the Village Market, 10am to 4pm


Homewood Farmers Market | Homewood Mountain Resort on
Highway 89, Homewood, CA, 8am to 1pm