Healthy Beginnings

Publisher’s Letter | May 2013

Dawn-4[1]Our heartfelt sorrow and prayers for restoration go out to the runners of the Boston Marathon and to the city of Boston. The people that committed this act of terrorism, in my humble opinion, do not deserve Miranda rights. What about the good citizen’s rights?

It is time to wake up and pay attention, to speak out about what is going on. Our freedoms are under siege. We do have choices and freedom of speech is very powerful. Freedom of speech is what is supposed to separate us from persecuted peoples, however, it seems those that have done everything right, worked hard, bought the dream home and challenge themselves are now the ones being persecuted. If you have questions of any institution it is appropriate to ask, that is how we learn.

Healthy Beginnings Magazine was created to give people, unbiased alternative solutions in preventing, correcting and or maintaining their health and wellness needs. To provide a different thought to the mighty pharmaceutical‘s band- aid ideology. There is a place for pharmaceuticals yet it should not be considered the cure for the problem, nor should medicines cause other diseases within our body. It should be a tool to be used after the cause is rooted out and the sick person addresses their part in making themselves well.

Sometimes it is not the person’s fault; their sickness was not caused by their lifestyle choices. In these cases it has been proven that mental attitude will go a long way in determining a positive outcome. Human beings are not androgynous, we were meant to be different, and our health needs are unique to each one of us. There is no cookie cutter, one size fits all solution. Take care of yourself, pay attention to what works for you without harming others.

In this issue, we have another great lineup of articles that address how to think for yourself. The good and the bad on coffee and fish oils, energy and spiritual medicine, improvements in dentistry, how playing the piano rewires your brain and more.

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Thank you.

God Bless and Make it a Happy Healthy Day,

Dawn Gowery