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Prenatal Yoga and Fitness and Childbirth Education – What are the Benefits?

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I often hear women say they are just going to go with the flow for the birth of their child and it makes me wonder… When picking the color you want to paint your child’s nursery, do you just walk into the paint store, let the cashier know why you are there and allow them to pick the color for you? When in need of a car seat or stroller, do you just grab the first one you see, or do you look at the features, maybe read some reviews and then make an informed decision based on your needs and circumstances?

When it comes to your birth, do you know your options?

Birth is a normal physiological process, perhaps the most normal thing in the world. It is probably the only time in your life you will check yourself into a hospital, completely healthy ‘just in case.’ Unfortunately, the media portrays birth as an emergency. We as women and a culture are conditioned to fear birth. Taking a childbirth education class can help women and their partners understand the process and flow of birth and what their amazing body will do – and this helps reduce fear. When we reduce fear, we reduce tension, which in turn reduces the physical pain a mother experiences during childbirth. Women are perfectly designed to give birth, and their babies are just as perfectly designed to move through the birth process. Each part of this process has a benefit for baby and the mother, and the baby is not just a passive recipient, but an active participant in birth.

So why is this so important? Statistics show that in the developed world, the United States has some of the worst outcomes in maternal care. It can take approximately 7-18 years for new research and evidence to become standard of care in our hospitals, and our cesarean section rate is climbing – 33 percent (nearly 3 times the recommended rate by the World Health Organization). What this means, is 1 out of 3 babies are currently being born through a surgical incision. I do not believe this is because mothers have changed. I believe it is because maternity care has changed. The one thing that each mom can control is her understanding of her body and her choices during her birth.

If I told you there was a way to have a more comfortable birth, a safer birth and a healthier birth, would you want to know how?

Our childbirth classes will teach you and the support person(s) of your choice how to manage the physical process of labor and birth, using massage, and movement and relaxation techniques. The hands-on practice sessions will help give your partner the skills and tools to make labor a more manageable and intimate experience. We will discuss medical interventions and when you might want them to assist you in your birth and when you might not. Even if you know that you want pharmacological pain relief during birth, do you know what options will be available to you? The risks, the benefits and alternatives? The best timing to use them to reduce the odds of your labor ending in a cesarean birth? When mom and her birth partner(s) understand the transitions within the birthing process, she can better advocate for herself and her baby.

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Prenatal Yoga and Fitness – What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits for you and your baby when you incorporate a yoga and fitness practice into your life! During pregnancy and the postnatal period, your amazing body will experience many benefits from staying active. You build strength and flexibility, while relieving the aches and pains associated with your changing body. Your balance and posture improve, you become stronger and more flexible, especially in your hips where it is needed the most!

Yoga also provides a practice that can reduce anxiety and increase your confidence. By connecting you to your breath and your body, you can bond with your baby. Yoga also teaches our body how to rest on demand, a skill every new mother needs.

The best part The Nurturing Nest yoga and fitness classes is building a community of women who have babies, so they can share and connect with each other.