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The Power of Thought in Our Lives

It would have been helpful if we had learned something about the physics of thought as we grew up. As it is, we just sort of bumbled through life, absorbing whatever programming our particular family or culture believed – without ever knowing how the world really works.

In the early 1900s Einstein and his buddies discovered that human thought could change how matter behaves, but they didn’t explain those findings in a way that the rest of us could understand. When they were trying to decipher whether light was a particle or a wave, if the physicist who believed it was a wave set up the experiment, it turned out to be a wave. If the scientist who believed it was a particle set up the very same experiment, it turned out to be a particle. This blew them away until they realized that the thoughts, beliefs and expectations of the one who set up the experiment was affecting the outcome. And even though the knowledge (of how much their discovery applies to our everyday lives) is still unknown to most people, scientists today use it to conduct what they call blind, double-blind or triple- blind experiments. That just means that the experiment is set up and even evaluated by people who were not initially aware of what it was supposed to prove, which allows the results to be more valid. The common name for what we’re talking about – the physics of thought – is the Law of Attraction. It is inextricably tied to our thoughts and emotions.

In every moment you are broadcasting a very specific vibrational signal that is instantly being understood and answered by this marvelous system. And immediately, your present and future circumstances begin changing in response to the signal you’re projecting. Your world, present and future is directly and specifically affected by the signal that you’re now transmitting. The personality that is you, who you are right now, is causing a focusing of energy that’s very powerful. This energy you’re focusing is the same energy that creates worlds. And it is, in this very moment, creating your world.

Three things happen when you think a thought: The first is that the vibrational frequency of that thought, like a radio signal, goes out into this energy soup we live in and attracts back to the people, conditions and situations that match the thought. That thought also brings up an emotion, which drives your words and actions, and your words and actions make up your life.

The second thing that happens when you think a thought is the vibrational frequency of that thought, like a cell phone signal, goes from your conscious mind into your subconscious. The subconscious can’t tell the difference between real and pretend, so it thinks that thought you’re thinking has actually happened to you today. Even though it happened years ago. Or maybe it’s just a fear of what might happen in the future. It still gives you the emotions to match, just like it happened today. Your emotions then drive your words and actions and of course your words and actions make up your life.

The third thing that happens when you think a thought is the vibrational frequency of that thought floods all 50 trillion of your cells and causes that pharmaceutical company inside your body to manufacture chemicals and hormones to match the thought. So if your thoughts are happy and cheerful, your body manufactures endorphins or serotonin. But if your thoughts are negative or worried, your body manufactures cortisol, a major stress hormone.

Whenever you think a negative or worried thought, take action if necessary, then pivot your mind to something juicy and delicious that you’d really love to do. There are several easy ways to consistently be able to get clear, and easily pivot our thoughts. One of them is tapping on your body’s meridian points (Emotional Freedom Technique). Another is to use your long leg muscles to reduce stress – running or walking, hiking or biking… all of these are effective in releasing stress from your system. So use the best one for the time and place, and watch your stress level recede. And as you consciously control your thoughts, you begin to attract the opportunities, people, situations and conditions that you do want.

Imagine what our world would be like if we had learned this as kids, if we had understood how powerful our thoughts were, how they create our reality. Children would grow up knowing their power to create. Yes, I wish I had known this earlier. It would certainly have been helpful. But this is 2017, and we can start right where we are right now. We can learn some new tools to neutralize our stress, make our lives more meaningful and get more of what we want.

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