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Oxygen and Surgery

300-hbotWhat happens when you have rotator cuff shoulder surgery and you cannot proceed with your planned activities and adventures such as golf, swimming, tennis, rafting and waterskiing? A torn supraspinatus tendon simply will not grow back to the insertion on the humerus by itself so the recovery period is very important. And, it can be quite painful and can hurt more each day without proper rest. Calendaring out the season’s activities, if you could heal a bit quicker than what was presented as the “average” healing time for arthroscopic* surgery, you just might be able to catch the tail end of your plans.

Plans for your healing regime can include:

  • Chiropractic therapy, which is designed to expedite healing time
  • Protylitic enzymes would help dissolve the tissue debris from the surgery and help clear it out of the body.
  • Spinal adjustments to keep the spine stress-free and the spinal nerves working correctly.
  • Omega-3 fish oil to help the cell membranes be more permeable, which also helps get more healing nutrition inside the cell.
  • Fairly aggressive daily doses of Multi-Vitamins and trace minerals to make sure the body is getting all the healing building blocks.
  • A fresh/raw fruit and vegetable diet.
  • Low Level Laser therapy to stimulate the mitochondria in the cells to produce more ATP (cell energy).
  • Every-other-day 15-minute aerobic exercise. Too much exercise can stress an already stressed body; a small amount (15 minutes, three times per week) would stimulate and increase circulation.

Another effective treatment that gives quick-recovery benefits is the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). It is a chamber that provides 1.5 atmospheres of pressure and 95-percent pure oxygen. HBOT has been shown to increase stem cells in the body, hyperoxygenates the red blood cells, plasma and all fluids of the body, provides rapid growth of new capillaries, significantly reduces inflammation, and kills bacteria. Tissues need oxygen to heal. HBOT is FDA approved for slow (i.e. diabetic) wound healing. Spending one hour in the chamber four hours before the surgery, and three one-hour daily sessions after the surgery per week is ideal. This is the HBOT protocol many plastic surgeons practice.

This treatment facilitates a strong, moving fully, and almost pain-free shoulder. This is a quick healing recommendation for anyone concerned about surgical complications and/or who wants to get back to an active life quickly after surgery.

* Arthroscopic is defined as examination of the interior of a joint, such as the knee, using a type of endoscope that is inserted into the joint through a small incision. *Orthroscopic is defined as an instrument for examining the internal structures of the eye through a layer of water that neutralizes the refraction of the cornea.

1. American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulation Physiology, April, 2006

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