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Not all Fish Oils are Created Equal

Submitted By Reno Vitamin Connection |

The multiple health benefits to consuming Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) found in fish oil are becoming well known amongst health advocates and lay people alike. Fish oil supplements are becoming as popular as multivitamins to consumers looking to take care of their good health. The EFAs such as Omega 3, 5, 6 and 9, which occur naturally in fish such as wild salmon, serve to nourish brain, heart and kidney tissues. They have also benefit the immune and digestive systems, in addition to supporting a healthy metabolism and a positive mood.

There is, however, a difference in fish oils. Some vitamin manufacturers use whole fish oils, which come straight from the fish; generally from wild-caught fish. Other manufacturers use “purified” fish oils, which go through a purification process that involves the use of complex, high heat processes that tend to break down the valuable compounds. The oils become fractionated; isolated and important nutrients are lost. While some manufacturers will then attempt to add back specific nutrients into their product, the benefits of the whole have been lost forever.

The difference in fish oils is clear. The dull, yellow color and watery texture of conventional fish oil capsules is symbolic of “purified” products. The heavy distillation fractionates isolates and destroys the many valuable compounds that give fish oil its vibrant color and natural viscosity.

Whole fish oils should be extraordinary in color and transparency. The brilliant hue comes from the Astaxanthin, which is a powerful antioxidant found naturally and abundantly in wild salmon. Again, the chemical processing in “purified” fish oils can destroy this vital nutrient.

Let us not forget about one of the most important factors of producing high quality fish oil. Sustainability! Some vitamin manufacturers use 100% wild Alaskan salmon oil from fisheries recognized for ocean stewardship and sustainability. Alaska maintains one of the worlds most highly protected and managed natural fisheries and has outlawed salmon fish farming. By using only wild, sustainably caught Alaskan salmon–which happen to be among the cleanest and most pure fish stocks in the world–chemical processing to deliver a pure product is simply not necessary.



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