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Massage for Couples – A Valentine’s Delight!

Receiving the gift of a full body massage is fantastic, and is double the benefit when it’s for two! Couple’s massage gives the message that you took a special interest in looking for alternative ways of making your partner feel great and wanting the two of you to connect at a deeper level together. It shows that when a little more thought is put into this annual tradition, some wonderful things can come of it. Studies show that couples that play together, stay together. Massage can make it interesting, while keeping the romance alive.

If you have never had a massage, doing so together can give you a greater sense of safety and comfort. Here’s how it works: you are both in the same room together, with two separate massage tables. You each receive a massage from your own licensed professional massage therapist, so while you may be wanting a deeper, more therapeutic massage, your partner can enjoy whatever type of massage he/she may want, such as a relaxing Swedish, hot stone or aromatherapy. It is perfectly fine to talk a bit during your session or enjoy the experience in silence while listening to calming music.

Although couples massage is generally considered for romantic partners, it also offers a wonderful reprieve for mothers and daughters or girlfriends on an outing. Do keep in mind that you will be dressing and undressing in the same room, so it may not be appropriate for everyone, such as a first date.

Oftentimes, people will receive their first professional massage while on vacation, a cruise or at a resort. This can be very pricey. There are local businesses offering excellent couple’s massage at reasonable rates. This gives you a chance to get acquainted with massage while finding a massage therapist who you feel comfortable with for future sessions, while keeping some green in your pocket.

Staying physically, mentally and emotionally healthy are key to our individual needs that help us live a balanced life. In addition to this is the daily challenge of keeping that balance with our significant other and loved ones. With all of the hustle and bustle, it has become far too easy to let time slip by without so much as a simple gesture of showing how much we care and appreciate those closest to us.

This is the month for love and reminds us to stop the daily grind and turn that simple gesture into something more. Massage for two does just that! In fact, once experienced, most couples tend to continue getting a massage together as part of their monthly routine, recognizing the importance of their “play time” to help them stay connected.







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