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LOOK UP! See Those Streaks in the Sky?


Reviewed for Healthy Beginnings by June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt |

This is the second Chemtrail/Geo-Engioneering documentary created by Michael J. Murphy. His first documentary about chemtrails was filmed in 2010, and was titled “What in the World Are They Spraying?” Thousands of people have noticed the crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the blue sky into a murky haze. As you look up, you can easily tell the difference between vapor trails from jet aircraft versus these toxic chemical clouds. The harmless vapor trails from commercial aircraft dissipate very quickly, but these long streaks of toxic chemicals just hang there, until the winds carry them to another location, or until they settle down on and around you. This isn’t a recent phenomenon. This research and experimentation has been going on for decades and is alarming people from all walks of life, including solar experts, scientists, climate researchers, biologists, parents, doctors and farmers.

This geo-engineering technology can also be a weapon. It’s easy to understand that whoever controls the weather controls the globe, and could also control sections of any country, immediately affecting the food supply. Weather engineering was attempted during the Vietnam War to try to create heavy rain over the Ho Chi Minh Trail. There are now treaties between governments restricting the practice of attempting to change the weather of another country, but there are exceptions to those treaties regarding weather modification within your own country. Recently, a two day conference titled “Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails” was held in Los Angeles to try to get to the bottom of who is doing this and why. Researchers know these streaks are not vapor trails from jet engines; but until the last few years, no one had thoroughly probed the questions regarding what the chemical composition is and why these heavy metal oxides are being sprayed over the land.

All of that has now changed. These documentaries tell the story of a rapidly developing industry called geo-engineering, driven by scientists, corporations and governments intent on changing global climate and controlling the weather. However, this activity is actually altering the chemical composition of our soil and water. In the last five years, tests on rain have shown a 50,000 percent increase in aluminum and in the last six years, tests on our soil have shown it to be 20 times more alkaline. These changes drastically affect the ecosystem. This is supposedly being done for the betterment of mankind, but the effect of the aluminum, barium, and strontium being relentlessly sprayed over our heads is having a devastating effect on crops, wildlife and human health. We’re being sprayed with toxic substances…without our knowledge or consent. Samples from snow, water, soil and even human hair, in very carefully controlled environments, have been taken to try to determine the chemical composition of the spray. What makes up that chemical cocktail is now known. This new documentary focuses on why this spraying of heavy metals is being done.

In this latest video, meteorologists, engineers, farmers and even traders on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange speak about the possibilities for vast profits as well as power, through controlling the weather. They believe that naturally developing storms are being targeted to either intensify or dissipate, depending upon what is desired at the time by the individuals, agencies or corporations doing the spraying. Having heard that, one immediately wonders what could be so profitable about spending millions of dollars to change the weather in a certain area of the country. Traders on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange answer that by explaining that there are big profits in betting on the weather.  Anyone can bet on the weather, like on a horse race. You can see how it could be an especially big payoff if the individual or corporation responsible for seeding the clouds is the same one placing the bets, since weather affects 80 percent of the US economy.

Before the housing bubble and subsequent meltdown, no one would be willing to take seriously the idea that anyone could be so focused on profits that they would deliberately cause widespread drought or flooding, which has destroyed livelihoods, whole towns, and billions of dollars worth of crops and livestock. But after watching millions of homeowners lose their homes, which created vast profits for certain individuals, banks and hedge funds, one has to wonder. We know that huge agribusiness corporations purchased large tracts of land (formerly small family farms) in the Midwest after the last major floods there. Are there people out there who would deliberately alter the weather in order to create profits, no matter who was harmed?

One of the problems inherent in asking these kinds of questions is the unbelievability of the implications. People have a tendency to discredit the information because it seems so far out. It’s so much easier just to call it a conspiracy theory and go on with one’s life.

But something big is going on here. Tests on soil and water are proving that someone is spraying toxic chemicals into our atmosphere. Dying crops, sickness and lethargy, increasingly common allergies and asthma, eye and sinus problems, increased instances of ADD, Alzheimer’s and autism may be the result. Respiratory mortality figures have gone from eighth in the country to third in the last six years. So the third most dangerous activity in this country is breathing? That is incredible. Now that we have some idea of why the spraying is being done, maybe the next documentary needs to be titled “Who in the World is Doing This Spraying?”

Reviewers Notes: For additional information regarding this phenomenon in Northern Nevada, or to join the Blue Skies Over Nevada group, contact Patty Vinikow at (775) 849-9991. Her email address is You can purchase this DVD from or from Michael J. Murphy’s website at Michael urges everyone who purchases a DVD to make copies and freely hand them out to family and friends. Knowledge is power. An excellent website explaining additional aspects of chemtrails is A set of DVD’s from the Los Angeles conference held in August 2012 can be purchased from