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living_defaultAre YOU Choosing What You’re Living or Is Someone Else?
Written by June Milligan, M.Ed., CCHt |

By paying enough attention to anything, the essence of what you’ve been thinking will eventually manifest in your life. And then as others observe what you’ve created, through their attention to it, they help it to expand. Over a period of time, this manifestation or idea is called “truth.” Deliberate creation is about deliberately choosing the thoughts and experiences you make into your Truths. Living by default is accepting others’ truths. It takes some effort and a conscious desire in order to understand the difference.

When you continue to focus on any thought, it becomes increasingly easy to continue to focus upon it because the Law of Attraction is automatically making more thoughts like it available to you. Since your thoughts create your emotions, now you are developing a mood, an attitude or a belief. Since you are a vibrational being, you’ve now created a vibrational “groove,” a set-point.

Your emotional set-points can change from not feeling good to feeling good, for the set-points are achieved simply by paying attention to a subject (through your practiced thought). Therefore, there is huge value in deliberately achieving your own set-points, because once you expect something, it will show up in your experience. A belief, attitude or conviction is just a thought you keep on thinking. You have thought it so often that it became a set-point, a point of reference for your life, a belief.

Do you have control over your beliefs? Of course. But as we observe things happening around us, and as we evaluate them, we usually feel that we have no control whatsoever about the belief that’s formulating within us. So we spend our lives sorting events into categories of good and bad, wanted or unwanted, right or wrong…but rarely do we understand that we have the ability to control our personal relationship with those events.

So we gather into groups of religious or political or professional tribes in order to gain the feeling of more power and we seek to preserve our own well-being by trying to take control of any circumstance which we think might threaten it. But this is an attraction-based universe, so the harder we push against unwanted things, the more we achieve vibrational alignment with those unwanted things…and in doing so, the more we invite unwanted things into our own experience. It turns out that the more we defend our own beliefs, the more the Law of Attraction helps us to live them out. The more we rail against what we don’t “believe,” the more we attract the people, conditions and situations that serve as examples of our decided-upon “unwanted things.” Well that’s scary!

But look at the world. Look at the culture we’re living in. It seems by now we would have figured this out: that the more we rage against something that we believe is bad, the more we attract it. This awareness should cause us to look at what we believe. We have to ask ourselves, “Why do I believe it? Did I do my own research on the subject or did I just automatically adopt what I was taught as a child?” Not to adopt it as a child might have been physically or psychologically dangerous. But to continue to believe it as an adult without doing any research at all is simply laziness. That’s living in default. We’ve defaulted to someone else’s ideas and beliefs.

It takes a lot of work to decide what you believe. But you don’t have to tackle it all at once. Choose one subject at a time and just say to yourself, “Why do I believe that?” Then go from there. Remember back to a time when someone made a definitive statement that such-and-such is the truth. Why is it the truth? As a child we asked “why” very often. Sometimes we got a real answer, other times we were told not to ask. Most of us finally got tired of asking and just accepted what we were taught. We don’t have to do that as adults. We can now discover the back story on just about any subject. It can be very enlightening.

What is the downside of thinking for yourself? Your friends and family won’t like it unless they’re also searching for a different belief system. In the movie THRIVE the producer, Foster Gamble, of Proctor and Gamble fame, states that we don’t need a totalitarian government if the disapproval of friends and family keep us from thinking outside the box. As we look at the world situation, it might be time for us to decide upon our own truths and begin to live deliberately instead of by default. For as we change our thoughts and beliefs, we change our lives.

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