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Helping teenagers manage their time...

Helping teenagers manage their time…

Happy October! First of all, everyone is in school now, and with the school year finally here, busy schedules are starting for most of you. I don’t know about you, but I already have soccer practice every week, and games just starting every weekend now! Not to mention, homework piling up, and friends wanting to hang out every weekend; it’s a lot of things to juggle. I have started to feel very stressed lately, and I didn’t really know how bad it was until I went to church one day, and the subject in church was about doing too many things, and forgetting what’s really important.

I go to church every Sunday, and sometimes I feel a strong connection to the message, and sometimes I don’t. But this last Sunday was all about managing time, and about teenagers not being very good at it. Our Pastor talked about how most teenagers really focus on stuff that doesn’t really mean anything, or won’t mean anything in a few years. For example, how many of you have an Instagram account? Or twitter? Snapchat? What about Vine? All these things that matter to us, really aren’t as important as we think. Years from now, we will be going off to college and not even thinking about that kind of stuff. But one thing that you will remember is how you wasted your time worrying about that kind of stuff. Another big time-waster can be friends; a lot of teenagers are blinded when it comes to friends.

Usually, they don’t know how much time they really spend with them, not that spending time with your

Time management tips for busy teens.

Time management tips for busy teens.

friends is a bad thing, it’s just you have to make sure your family time and homework time finished and done, because in the end, family comes first against all!

Hearing this message, it really made me think about how I manage my time. I play soccer and that takes up a lot of time, and I realized that I needed to start focusing on getting my homework done before practice, or getting it done at school if I was given time, instead of talking to my friends. I needed to start getting things done instead of watching a movie at night. I needed to fix a lot of things. But in return, I would feel much better, and I might just end up actually gaining more free time on the weekends–not having to worry about homework or anything else. Our Pastor’s message made a big impact on my life, and I hope you might think about it too, because it can make a big change in your busy schedule! Have a great month of October and happy Halloween!