Healthy Beginnings

Kids Corner | March 2012

Hello March! We are finally transitioning into spring! Last month, we talked about beginning with the end in mind. Now, we will discuss putting things first, which means putting the most important things in your life first. If you are like me, you are very busy, and have about a million things going on, and that can be very difficult. Finding out what the most important things are in life can be really difficult. For example, if you have to study for a biology test tomorrow, but you also have to do your chores and on top of that still get tonight’s homework done, how do you choose; and better yet, what is the best decision?

Let’s start with “time quadrants,” you can pick which one you are, and from there read on!

The Procrastinator

  • -Exam Tomorrow
  • -Friend gets injured
  • -Project due tomorrow
  • -Car breaks down
The Prioritizer

  • -Planning, goal setting
  • -Essay due in a week
  • -exercise
  • -relationships
  • -relaxation
The Yes-Man

  • -Unimportant phone calls
  • -Interruptions
  • -Other people’s small problems
  • -Peer pressure
The Slacker

  • -Too much TV
  • -Endless phone calls
  • -Excessive computer games
  • -Mall marathons
  • -Time wasters

Have you picked your box? Now being honest, I would probably pick the green one, the Prioritizer. But sometimes, I can be the purple box too, the procrastinator. The author explains that the best box to be in is the Prioritizer, having an equal balance of the important things in your life. The prioritizer makes time for one’s friends, family, and self. For instance, a Prioritizer would make sure to do well in school, stay in shape, and also have time to relax, like reading a book or playing video games. The point is that you can do all these things, just make sure you balance your time wisely. If you have homework due tomorrow, you should probably get that done first; get the important things done first, the time for relaxing will come.

Remember, put the most important item first, which is usually the most logical option to choose. Have a great March, and make sure to prioritize and create balance!