Healthy Beginnings

It’s time to rethink – what you think!


“Going Within”
Written By Rev. Jack R. Elliott |

Go, Give and Get What You Want Out of Life!

“Well done!”

Imagine those words being the last thing you say to yourself as you lay your head on your pillow tonight. Is that your truth or would you be saying something else? I frequently hear my clients expressing the latter. Their reality is disappointment at the end of the day. Like many of us have, they have been swept up in the turmoil of managing their daily “chaos.” Chaos being the energy that swarms around us as we live in reaction to it. “Rev. Jack, I’m exhausted by the time my head finally hits the pillow; exhausted from what is still to be or left undone.” I invite you to rethink – how you think; to “flip the chaos”; to use the energy of chaos for good.

Flipping it begins with putting “you” first in all things. No one else will honor and value your gifts; unless they see (experience) you honoring them. My grandmother use to say: “If you want to know who the best shoe cobbler in town is; look at his children’s shoes. A good shoe cobbler takes care of his own family first.” Would you hire a car mechanic – whose car is constantly broken down?

Flipping it begins with being absolutely clear on what’s important to you and ordering your life accordingly. You must be clear on your “values” and in your commitment to honor those values, first and foremost. If someone asks something of you, and it doesn’t support your values or what brings harmony to your life – be empowered to say no. If you can’t give it 100% of your commitment and loyalty, then step out of the way and make room for someone else to step in that will. Your community will be better off and you’ll be respected in the long run for honoring your truth.

Life is waiting for you: Just Go!

Each of us has a “calling”. We’ve been given a gift – to share with our community. When we share it – our community becomes a better place and our experience of life is more satisfying. Put in the time and energy to master your craft. Just remember that we’ve also been given them gift of “free will”. Therefore, you are free to deny your calling – give into the chaos of life; just know the consequences will unfold accordingly. Consequences that look, feel and sound like disappointment at the end of the day. I am so amazed at the number of people that “wait for things to settle down” before they do something for themselves. If you are living your authentic life, waiting is impossible. If you are doing what you were “called” to do; it is impossible to wait. Those that wait – have no Faith.

Life is waiting for you: Give!

Mankind was called to live “in community”. We have been called to share in this experience of community so that the entire community is lifted up for the greater good. The gift that we as individuals have been called to share – is merely a component – an ingredient of the recipe – that adds to the ultimate flavor of the community. If you withhold your gift from your community, the community will not reach its highest potential and you will not see yourself reflected in, or feel a part of, your community.

Life is waiting for you: Go Get it!

We when hear the call and Go for it and when we act upon the call and Give our gift to the community – what we Get in return is magnificent.

So, if today didn’t manifest an experience of “well done”, or if you didn’t get the results you were hoping for in your relationships, career, finances, family, physical well-being, or community, then it’s time to put in the correction. Are you up for the journey? Are you willing to Go – Give – Get? If you say yes, then you will have more days where you’ll fall asleep saying “Well done!”

Photo-RevJack200Rev. Jack is a Spiritual Life Coach. Visit to learn more or email him at On his website Rev. Jack is introducing a new community conversation portal called “Go-Give-Get”. It’s where we all are invited to share stories, observations, and affirmations that will show that sometimes we have to” rethink – what you think” in order to live your authentic life. Rev. Jack will show how to harnessed the energy of Ciaos and flip it around for the good. Let’s do this together! Let’s grow together!