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Improve Your Peripheral Vision and Reduce Tension as You Relax Your Neck – The Feldenkrais Method

  • Look straight ahead softly and notice your visual field; just observe what you see comfortably with your eyes forward. Have your feet at on the ground, knees apart, arms and hands relaxed.
  • Begin to turn your head slowly from side to side as you notice the range and the quality of your movement. Does your head move smoothly? Are your eyes traveling on the horizon? Notice how far down your spine you are turning.
  • Pause with your head and eyes forward. Increase your visual field actively so that you have more peripheral vision, up and down and side to side. Notice that your visual field has expanded and you can see more now with less effort.
  • Continue to keep this expanded visual field and begin to turn your head slowly from side to side, noticing how this changes the range and ease of your movement. Keep your breathing soft, and sense the movement all the way down to your pelvis. Then rest.
  • Consciously practice expanding your visual field whenever you feel tension in your neck and eyes. This will help relax and ground you and, at the same time, increase your awareness and mental acuity.

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