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Awareness Through Movement with the Feldenkrais Method

Students lying comfortably on mats listen to a quiet voice guiding them to raise their knees, gently stand their feet on the ground and move their heads slowly from side to side, to notice where their weight shifts, how their body responds to the motion of the head and to follow these subtle sensations.

So begins another Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class, the group movement instruction developed by engineer/physicist/martial artist Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais more than 70 years ago as he recovered from debilitating injuries; he later became known by many as the grandfather of neuroplasticity. Today, to become a certified Feldenkrais practitioner requires nearly 4 years of training. Carole Bucher has taught Feldenkrais in Reno since 2009 and is the only guild-certified Feldenkrais practitioner offering classes year-round in Nevada. She teaches people to reconnect with their natural ability to move, explore and learn as children do, and to let go of the compulsion to achieve. Students learn to work at their own level, whatever their age or condition, whether they are physically fit or physically challenged.

What is Feldenkrais (rhymes with FEL-den-krise)?

Feldenkrais is a neuromuscular education system that teaches you how to learn from your own body in movement. In classes, you are verbally guided through unique and non-habitual movement sequences that help you observe and sense your movement patterns and open to new possibilities.

  • The Feldenkrais Method works by teaching students to develop sensation and attention in movement. This focus acts directly on the skeletal and nervous systems, making your neurons fire, activating your neural pathways; in effect, you are re-wiring your body’s brain mass, rather than focusing on your muscles or on achieving an external form.
  • You become aware of where resistance and ease occur in your body; you sense the relatedness of the parts of your entire body to the whole.
  • Skeletal alignment improves and movement is more comfortable and coordinated. People feel lighter and stand taller, breathing becomes easier and tensions disappear.
  • Efficiency and performance in all your other activities increase as your reorganization improves.

How the Feldenkrais Method can help make your life better:

  • People practice Feldenkrais for many reasons: to relieve pain and recover from illness, including cancer and other serious diseases, from accident or surgery (or to prevent these); to restore stability, balance, comfort and grace in movement; to increase awareness, creativity and self-confidence; and to improve function, performance and energy.
  • Sometimes people choose to take private Feldenkrais lessons called Functional Integration, tailored to individual movement problems and goals. Athletes, equestrians, musicians or performers who want to move beyond plateaus may seek out the Feldenkrais Method to expand their potential, as do people who simply want to recover more vital connection to themselves and the world around them.
  • You’ll feel these differences quickly. Most people notice changes after or during the first session or class. And like all practice, the more you do it, the more you will improve.

For information about classes and lessons, contact Carole Bucher, BA, GCFP, Reno Feldenkrais, at
775-240-7882 or; please also visit for videos of classes and more.