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If I were a medical doctor…

By Hans Frischeisen |

I wonder how I would feel if I were a medical doctor and found one after one of the medications I had over the years prescribed in good faith was pulled off the market as either ineffective, harmful or outright dangerous. Would it remind me when I listen to the long list of side effects during the many TV drug commercials that I once swore an oath to “FIRST DO NO HARM”? And would I wonder what effect the 15.6 billion presently spent on drug advertising each year might have on my patients?

How would it effect me realizing that we in the USA have the highest ratio of medical doctors per capita in the world (1:365) and yet belong to the sickest nations on earth? Would I shudder if I saw meticulous documentation establishing that the almost 800,000 recorded doctor and drug related fatalities annually are with a wide margin the #1 cause of death in our country? Would it disturb me to realize that virtually 100% of all medical education is financed by the pharmaceutical industry?

How would it effect my sense for justice, honor and freedom when I had to watch super powerful interest groups ganging up against modalities like homeopathy, chiropractic, naturopathy, acupuncture, ayurveda and in general all natural therapies and supplements? Typically it was their power not facts  that lead to the ban of the herb ephedra and it is again their power that now surpresses to inform  the public that the courts established the FDA action was a gross error.

Would I be shocked and angered to find out if I discovered a natural, safe, effective and economical approach to guide my patients to superior health my medical board would not only threaten me with probation and even license withdrawal and actually do so? This just happened to Dr. Jennifer Daniels in the state of New York. By natural means she cured diabetes and other diseases that are “incurable” to medical doctors. For these miracles her license was revoked.

Could I accept that we will only “win the war against cancer” and for that any disease if we prevented it in the first place? Would I ask myself what roll I play in prevention? How would I feel if I realized that a healthy, wholesome lifestyle has greater impact on my patients than drugs? What would it tell me when more and more of my patients successfully turn towards natural healing methods. In fact 62% of all Americans already do. How would it grab me that among them are the most renown and successful colleagues of mine like Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, Julian Whitaker, James Balch, Carl Hammerschlag, Bernard Siegel, Christine Northrup… a long, long list. – I think my conscience would drive me to join them.

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