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I Always Make the Right Decision

I Always Make the Right Decisions

I Always Make the Right Decisions

Within me is a spiritual voice that guides me. It is not restricted to a time, an era, nor a certain religion. Life abundant offers itself to me, and I accept it. The wisdom I need for greatness is already within me, and seeks me as its outlet. I affirm divine wisdom. I affirm divine intelligence. I affirm my own capacity for success. No more hazy thinking, no more foggy questioning, I know what needs to be done, and I know how to do it. The cobwebs of confused thinking are swept out of my consciousness. Life is plain, clear and direct. As I think I tap into the infinite Mind of God and allow God’s thoughts to be my thoughts. I am one with God and with all of God’s clear ideas. As I create, the one Mind is creating through me. Today my thinking is positive.

Demonstrations of every kind appear in my experience today and every day. This prayer treatment guarantees my health, happiness and security. My thinking of God assures me of perfect action this day. Dwelling upon His wisdom, I am wise. Dwelling upon His life, I am healthy. I know what I want to accomplish, and I proceed to accomplish it. My thinking is straight, my intentions are right and my procedure is scientific. I know God wants me to be successful this day. I know that all His Mind and Love are revealing themselves to me right now. Led by this inner divine compulsion I accomplish far more than even I expect. It is good to know Him whose ways I walk with certainty. And so it is, Amen.

Every January magazines are filled with articles on how to kick the New Year off right. Each New Year many of us set new resolutions for the year ahead, and then by March or maybe June, the resolution is broken if not forgotten. Let’s not do that this year; instead, let us do something that will serve us for the entire year. Let’s not set resolutions for the year, but instead commit to making the right decision each and every day of 2014.

Our life right now is a manifestation of the thoughts and beliefs we’ve held on to from our past. So if we want tomorrow to look and feel different, we have to change some of those thoughts and beliefs. We have to blow out the cobwebs of confused thinking that has clogged up our consciousness. This year, I’ve created themes for each and every month. I did so, so that each and every month I’d have a new idea to focus on. Every choice I make for any given month will provide me with the opportunity to discern how the theme for that month affects my decision-making. Here are my themes for 2014. I invite you to play along and I promise that if you do, by this time next year you will be pleased with the outcomes in your life.

January’s Theme, “Be Willing”: Practice saying yes to something you would more comfortably say “no” to. If your friends typically ask you to go out after work, but you always say “no,” say “yes,” at least once. Be willing to have a good time, and be willing to be proud of yourself for trying even if it turns out not to be a good time. Say yes to transformation by turning a “no” into a “yes,” as many times as you can.

February’s Theme, “Be Clear”:
 Be willing to see the end in the beginning. Thinking about a new relationship? Instead of thinking about how they should look, or what job they should have, focus on what you want to feel when in a relationship. If you long to have that special someone value you and put you first, yet they’re late to your very first date–then you are in trouble. They won’t change. You can see the end in the beginning if you look.

March’s Theme, “Be Open”: 
Be open to hear the whispers of what Spirit is endeavoring to say to you. “Don’t go, or go.” Your higher voice, your higher self is always looking out for you. Listen.

April’s Theme, “Be the Change”: Be the change you want to see; let go of the side of the pool, be in the flow. If you see something that needs to be done, know that it’s been shown to you, because it’s yours to do.

May’s Theme, “Do Truth”:
 Discern what your truth is, tell your truth immediately and accept nothing but the truth from those surrounding you. If you lie to protect someone else’s feelings, then you have denied a sacred part of yourself. Others handle truth far better than they handle deception, regardless of how well intended it was.

June’s Theme, “Do Commitment”:
 Keep your attention on, and keep your attention on your intention. Say what you mean and mean what you say–always. When resistance rises up to thwart your good intentions, take a deep breath and do the right thing.

July’s Theme, “Be Expectant”:
 Do not believe in tomorrow, believe tomorrow in! Affirm it! Expect a miracle and make way for the good things that are going to happen to you and yours. If you want a new car in the garage, then clean out the garage so a new car will fit into it. Say each day, “This is where I will park my new car.” Always speak in a positive voice.

August’s Theme, “Do Energy”:
 Energy is the fuel that is readily available to “tap into” to drive you energetically from where you are to where you want to be. Tap into the universal laws that are already there to support you. Need to believe that tomorrow has good in store for you? Then get up and watch the Sun rise. Feel the warmth on your face…you’ll be energized and ready to take on the day!

September’s Theme, “Have the Blessing”: Blessings surround you; gather up the abundance that is divinely yours. Don’t focus on what you don’t have; notice what you do have.

October’s Theme, “Have Gratitude and be Grateful”:
 Live in a consciousness of being grateful for everything–not matter what it might look like. “Grateful, Grateful, Grateful” is your mantra for the month.

November’s Theme, “Have the Celebration”: Celebrate the harvest of your hard work. Share a portion of your bounty with others. Participate in random acts of kindness–anonymously.

December’s Theme, “Be Joy; Do Joy and Have Joy!”
: Rejoice in the Joy of Being your authentic self, and for endeavoring to make the right decisions each and every day.

So, I will leave you with an affirmation for 2014. It’s called: “I Always Make The Right Decisions.” Copy it or type it up, and place it on your bathroom mirror, or place it in your prayer book. Put it in a place where you will be willing and committed to reading it aloud to yourself every day. If you do, I know that you will have a magnificent 2014! Happy New Year!

Jack Elliott is a Life Coach, Author and Motivational Speaker. You may email him at or visit his website at