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How Magnets Help the Body Heal Itself

Think of your body as its own environment or eco-system, with a number of interdependent systems contributing to repair and growth, or degeneration and disease. Your body is bio-chemical. If you’re an adult, it’s about 70% water; babies, about 90%. You require the energy of the sun, far infrared energy. When NASA looks for life on other planets, it looks for signs of water and far infrared energy. Magnetic energy is also one of the fundamental energies sustaining your body environment.

Remember the atom, and electrons, those small particles that move in a sphere pattern around the nucleus of an atom? It’s the exchange of electrons that creates chemical reactions. This is the basis for pharmaceutical and supplemental care. If something is out of balance, introduce a different chemical (pharmaceutical or natural) that will put it back in balance.

Those electrons are in motion. Motion is energy. Think of it like a cork screw roller coaster, the spinning action of the electrons creates a magnetic field. So if every cell in our body is made up of atoms, and every atom has electrons that move and generate magnetic energy, what happens when magnetic technology is introduced to the healing regiment?

From arthritis to wound healing, back pain to sleep disorders, there are research and medical studies that show statistical benefit from pulsed and static magnetic therapy. Chronic disease has a number of differences from acute illness or injury. It’s a subtle degeneration process, not unlike your car battery slowly dying. To encourage healing and optimum health, the body needs its batteries charged. At our fundamental atomic level, that is magnetic energy.

Our body repairs itself mostly during sleep hours. But the National Sleep Foundation estimates over 55% of American adults have sleep problems. Some of the contributing biological factors are weakened cellular energy, impeded circulation, and compromised immune systems. Research presented at the World Federation of Sleep Society showed the efficiency of the immune system can decrease by up to 50% after one night of losing three or more hours of sleep. In another study over 75% of respondents with the following conditions experienced sleep problems: depression, nighttime heartburn, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, heart disease and arthritis. If we do not get adequate sleep, our immune systems are compromised and we get sick. If we are sick, we are more likely to have difficulty sleeping, which compromises the body’s ability to heal itself.

A double blind study in Tokyo showed an average 80% positive response to sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad, with the other 20% reporting no response. Over 50% reported benefit within three days, and over 70% within five days. Notably, 87% of those with insomnia reported positive results.

In conclusion, magnetic energy is one of the fundamental energies in our body and it could offer therapeutic results to both specific challenges as well as general wellbeing.

Article submitted by: Koya Noe