Healthy Beginnings

Healthful Aging, the Best Game in Town: Aging is Mother Nature’s Way of Recycling Us

Our natural instincts guide us to survive as long and healthfully as possible. Advances in longevity abound and, frequently, many important ones are glossed over due to economic and philosophical issues. The standard advice is to lose weight, don’t smoke and exercise regularly. While this advice is important there are many other powerful habits and techniques to assist us.

Our Environment is Toxic

Tap water contains chlorine – a great public health advancement to control bacteria in the water – but, it also causes increased risk of cancer and heart disease. Thankfully, Washoe County avoided water fluoridation in the last legislative session, but many foods that are processed outside our county have toxic levels of fluoride. Gerber’s white grape fruit juice, for example, has nine parts per million of fluoride, far above the one part per million recommended for tap water. There are no chemical reactions in the human body that use fluorine. It increases the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures among many other negative health effects. Fluoride toothpaste should be avoided, as it makes bones brittle and subject to fracture. One may peruse for many hours of reading on this topic.

Aluminum is a toxic metal that is used to treat our tap water; it causes dirt to come out of solution during processing. Table salt contains aluminum to avoid caking – it is better to use natural sea salt. Many medications and injections contain aluminum. In the literature, aluminum is related to dementia, high blood pressure and diabetes. Aluminum is a nerve toxin and, with our epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease, is best filtered out of our water. Water filtration is important for many reasons. Public water supplies contain medical drugs and synthetic hormones, which are also hidden toxins.

Many wells in Northern Nevada are toxic with arsenic, an awful poison that causes dreadful fatigue, anxiety and crushing depression. Mercury from our mining past is another neurotoxin. High lead levels abound in mining workers. A simple hair analysis can accurately screen for these heavy metals, and chelation agents can remove them safely from the body. I have been a chelating physician for over 40 years. Chelating can also remove excess calcium from the arteries and joints and is a wonderful technique for life extension.

Toxic pesticides and herbicides are poisoning our environment and bodies. Eating organic foods has never been more important than now. All commercial corn (high fructose corn syrup) and soy is GMO and contains 14-16 times more glyphosate (Roundup) than non- GMO products. California has just passed a law to label Roundup weed killer as a probable carcinogen. Studies have found that 76 percent of rainwater contains glyphosate.

Plastics, hydrocarbons, PCBs, dioxins, food dyes and thousands of other toxic byproducts of manufacturing and food production bombard us continuously. Water filtration is a great protection from many of these environmental pollutants and routine sweating in saunas, or better, far infrared saunas, is one of the only ways to purge our bodies from these modern scourges.

Our Bodies Rust as We Age

We have a complex relationship with oxygen. Obviously, our cells need it to make energy, but the wrong forms of it ages us prematurely. Free radical oxygen, a byproduct of our metabolism, is the culprit, and it is neutralized by antioxidants. It eats holes in our cell membranes. Inadequate dietary forms of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, enzymes, herbs and foods cause the rusting effects to accelerate as we age causing chronic disease. The list of antioxidant nutrients is very long. Vitamin C is one of our body’s principle antioxidant and by a quirk of nature we don’t make it, almost all other animals do in their liver. I have written about this in previous columns. It is good to recall that a goat that weighs 150 pounds makes 14,000 mg of vitamin C daily and we make none. It is life preserving to take as much vitamin C as possible until the bowels get a little loose and then back down. Acetyl-L-Carnitine and CDP choline are fatty acids that stimulate memory by increasing acetylcholine, our memory neurotransmitter. There are many supplements that improve memory.

All Hormones Decline with Age

Our hormones diminish with age along with body events such as childbirth and chronic stress of any description. Optimizing these hormones with bioidentical (just like our body makes) hormone supplementation is a great help with the aging process. Lab tests frequently misidentify hormone deficiencies such as thyroid, which has been frequently described in these pages. Adrenal hormone balancing with natural hydrocortisone, DHEA, pregnenolone and progesterone are very valuable to revive stressed out patients.

Sex hormones such as testosterone, estriol and estradiol (always balanced with natural progesterone) are very safe in the proper dosages and promote youthfulness and reduction in chronic disease.

Human growth hormone therapy has been taught by anti-aging medicine organizations for the last 30 plus years. It increases bone and muscle strength, skin tone and mental acuity. People have used it for millennia from deer antlers and, lately, by injection.


Blood ow is life. Chelation therapy removes calcium from arteries and improves blood ow on several levels. Plaquex, intravenous phosphatidylcholine, rinses the plaque out of arteries. Many herbs and enzymes play roles in keeping the blood from clotting, as does removing chronic infection (such as from infected teeth).

It is a blessing for longevity if you work with health professionals who have a broad approach to healthful aging.

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