Healthy Beginnings

Healing with Dr. Abey: A Journey Filled with Love, Joy, Health and Success

Once in a lifetime a human being arrives in our lives who can affect immediate change. This is the case with Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama. Dr. Abey, (as he is affectionately known) is a medical doctor, spiritual teacher, healer, author and head physician of the Rankema Ayurveda Center in Sri Lanka. He treats an international clientele including Europe and the United States. Among his patients are the former Prime Minister of India, I.K. GUJRAL, and the Health Minister of Sri Lanka. Dr. Abey teaches his methods to western-trained doctors in Germany and other countries and works closely with physicians interested in integrating his wisdom into their healing practice. Dr. Abey works with all diseases and ailments (especially cancer patients) to bring healing, good health and wellness filled with love, joy and harmony to all human beings.

Born in 1971, Dr. Abey belongs to a lineage of 31 generations of unbroken traditional Ayurveda and works to relieve physical and mental, visible and invisible sufferings by chanting mantras and energizing water for miraculous healings. He began his career with a hermit monk studying old Buddhist texts in Pali and Sanskrit. In addition to Singhalese, Pali and Sanskrit, Dr. Abey speaks English and German. He studied the ancient principles and knowledge of herbal studies and “energy” medicine. Dr. Abey is especially known for his oils, which he creates for different indications based on thousand year-old recipes as well as his own personal insight and vision.

Dr. Abey brings together an extraordinary mastery of the science of life and life energies (Ayurveda), the visionary gift of a great spiritual teacher, as well as a deep understanding of the western mind and the needs of modern people and time. It is his particular concern to evoke again a feeling of value and appreciation in people for the fundamental life-giving and life-sustaining principles, both regarding to our self, to others, and to our natural and spiritual resources. Only in this way can we master the global challenges of the 21st century. Dr. Abey is offering a very special opportunity for all of us to understand the power of ancient Ayurveda and how we can expand our consciousness and healing potential with mind power.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a holistic, natural medical science that originated thousands of years ago in Sri Lanka. Ayu means “life or existence” and veda is “Science of Life.” Science of Life means we need a wholesome view; connecting the universe, world, environment and our lives. Ayurveda was originally created to prevent and cure disease, to support people in determining which lifestyles, foods and herbs would give them the most longevity and the most robust experience of life based on their unique physical and mental pro les. Through the centuries, it has grown to include sophisticated diagnostic tools as well as potent herbal medicines, detoxification protocols and body therapies.

Ayurveda offers many practices and philosophies that support people who follow a spiritual life, but it is intended for all earthly creatures. The authors of the most important Ayurveda book ever written received this knowledge from the Divine. Its medicines and guiding principles are as effective with animals as they are with humans.

According to Ayurveda, there are three main reasons that the body gets out of balance and breaks down:

  • Emotional and environmental stress from improper lifestyle or diet
  • Sufferings and disease go hand in hand. We suffer when we cannot get what we want and need
  • Insufficient nutrients and oxygen from poor digestion along with the accumulation of toxic waste in the organs, tissues and cells

The source of disease often originates with unrelieved stresses, poor eating habits and poor digestion. The purpose of an Ayurvedic treatment is to go after the root cause of disease or imbalance in the body, and restore the body to its natural, joyful and balanced condition. The role of the Ayurvedic practitioner is to show you the unhealthy patterns in your mind, body and life, and to teach you ways to regain health with wholesome practices and wholesome herbs and foods. When you begin to eat, live and cleanse your body in ways 
that are appropriate for your unique constitutional needs, your body can naturally heal itself and remain vigorous into old age. With enough mental power, we can achieve everything.

Dr. Abey is also the founder of the Hela
 Bima Rice Project and through years
of research, he has discovered 2,000
year-old ancient varieties of nutrient-
rich rice. His purpose is teaching agro
wisdom (chemical-free agriculture)
so farmers can gain prosperity,
 confidence and independence. His
outreach has empowered more than
500 organic rice farmers throughout 
Sri Lanka allowing them to provide
 security and financial resources for their families and their communities.

Dr. Abey hosts events throughout the summer including retreats, workshops, healing evenings, private consultations and the RANKEMA World Summit, July 13-16 in spectacular Lake Tahoe. For more information, call 775-588- 7076 or visit our websites at, or