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What is Halotherapy? Reno Spa Offers Therapeutic Dead Sea Salt Room, Revives Ancient Treatment


Sink into a comfortable chair, close your eyes, take a deep breath, relax and imagine that you are at the beach with a cool, salty breeze kissing your face. It’s easy to fall into this state of relaxation and tranquility when you’re at Reno’s Pinnacle Wellness Healing Spa, as the spa now offers Reno’s only dead sea salt cave – a softly lit salt room equipped with a salt generator – to offer those suffering with respiratory or skin conditions natural relief. Dead sea salt has low sodium content and is rich in magnesium, sodium and potassium.

Halotherapy – or, salt therapy – emerged in Eastern Europe as early as 460 BC, as ancient Greeks reportedly inhaled salt water steam to ease respiratory conditions. Records also indicate that Medieval monks treated patients in salt caves and, in 1843, Polish physician Feliks Boczkowski noted the low rates of respiratory illnesses among salt miners and published his findings in “About the Breathing of Salt Dust.”

Recent scientific research supporting the benefits of salt therapy is lacking. However, wellness and treatment centers across the United States are increasingly incorporating salt-infused environments to compliment other natural health modalities, and are seeing beneficial outcomes for those who use the therapy.

Halotherapy is known to offer relief by reducing the inflammation of the lungs, killing bacteria and dislodging mucus that blocks the bronchioles, and is found to help ease health conditions such as asthma, allergies, bronchitis, sinus infections, psoriasis, acne, eczema, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, anxiety, depression and more.

“We have such bad asthma and allergies here in Nevada, and I wanted a natural resource for people to be able to gravitate to, to be able to treat without inhalers and steroids,” said Kerri Brehler, owner of Pinnacle Wellness Healing Spa.

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