Healthy Beginnings

Gary Danchak, OMD

200-danchakStuck? Blocked? Imbalanced? Stagnated? It is Dr. Gary Danchak’s job to identify and resolve just such conditions using the Traditional Chinese Medicine of Acupuncture and Herbs. Many people who come into to see Dr. Danchak are experiencing pain and have often tried everything else. The cause of pain (physical or emotional) is stuck, blocked, imbalanced or stagnant chi/qi (energy/vital force). Dr. Danchak regulates the internal functions of the body via various stimuli such as needles, herbs, moxibustion, cupping and electro-acupuncture. When the circulation of chi/qi flows unimpeded there is a balance between the nutritive (yin) and dynamic (yang) aspects of the body, bringing good health and a feeling of serenity.

Dr. Danchak grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated from Kenyon College (Gambir, Ohio) with a degree in English Literature and a Masters degree in creative writing at the University of Iowa. He taught at the University of Alabama. Later he moved to Chicago and through a girl friend, who was receiving acupuncture for headaches and migraines due to a car accident, had his first acupuncture experience. While enduring a month of back pain from an injury, he experienced quick remission of pain after his first acupuncture treatment. He was so impressed that he quit his job, that he loved, to go in a new direction with the hopes of helping others to experience the relief, healing and peace he had received through acupuncture.

Dr. Danchak moved to New Mexico and attended Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe for 4.5 years. After graduation he moved to Reno, Nevada and started his current practice in 2002.

Dr. Danchak first introduces acupuncture and herbs to a patient by educating them on what acupuncture and herbs are, what they do, and the theory behind Traditional Chinese medicine. Just like the weather changes in the outside world, we all have weather within us that is dynamic and always changing. When imbalances become ingrained and chronic within, the results are pain or symptoms of disease. There are 12 organ systems (6 yin and 6 yang), which influence our internal weather. Eastern Medicine is all encompassing, considering the physical, emotional, mental, environmental and dietary energetics at play in each patient. The primary goal of Eastern Medicine is to get to the root problem and fix it, not just deal with symptoms.

Dr. Danchak does three types of acupuncture, Traditional Chinese, Japanese Kototama and Taiwanese acupuncture; each employs different degrees of needle stimulation. If someone is afraid of needles he will use Japanese Kotatoma because it uses the finest needles and the least manipulation. Traditional Chinese technique uses the thicker, uncoated needles and stronger stimulation, which can sometimes offer quicker results.

Dr. Danchak will examine your tongue and feel your pulses and then run an Electro-Meridian Image (computerized test) showing a printed graph of the energy he feels in your pulses. The graph/pulses show the relative excesses and deficiencies in the main organs in the body. He then considers other factors that work against us all such as, use of drugs (prescription and recreational), genetics, lifestyle, diet (a major factor) and exercise. He actively researches and tracks results of each patient’s herbal formulas and acupuncture point combinations and adjusts them as needed to maximize results. It is a team effort of Dr. Danchak and the patient to identify root causes of imbalance and eliminate them, strengthening the body’s ability to heal itself.

What surprises patients about acupuncture is that, unlike some visits to a Western Medicine doctor’s office, patients feel a deep sense of relaxation after acupuncture, sometimes so deep that they leave the office without their coats and car keys.

Overall benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine are the ability to successfully relieve chronic and acute pain, address dietary issues, and adjust the internal functioning of the body.

Dr. Danchak has the satisfaction of knowing he is a force for something good when he works with a patient. Experience the peace and healing of Traditional Chinese Medicine—Acupuncture and Herbs—with Dr. Gary Danchak and change your inner weather so that it is always a sunny day.

For more info, contact Dr. Gary Danchak OMD at (775) 849-9800.