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Feng Shui Facts & Fiction

Written By Rebecca Moore |

Stores are abundant with feng shui books containing interesting techniques; however, authentic feng shui is not as straight forward as these authors would lead one to believe.

Every home must be treated individually since each situation is unique–the facing, shape, trees, surrounding environment, neighboring buildings, entry, windows and internal design. All of these characters have a relationship and therefore condition the energy of a home. What may be good for one can be detrimental to another.

The energy of a home interacts with paint colors, decorating and furniture placement, which all influence the occupants regarding money, relationships, personality and personal energy. A home can also influence many health related problems in the bone, blood, back and stomach.

People choose homes that match the energy of their current life situations, whether it is happiness, loneliness, anger, healthy relationships, tumultuous relationships, ample income, financial struggles, reclusive behavior or specific health issues. People then paint and decorate in a way that supports their life situation, and so it continues.

Did any life issues influence your decision on choosing your home?

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