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Feng Shui Facts & Fiction

Written By Rebecca Moore |

Of all Feng Shui misconceptions, kitchens are the most controversial. In ancient times, the fire pit was important because it kept the family alive. Western Feng Shui translates this as meaning the kitchen represents a family’s wealth.

To clarify some misconceptions:

• The condition of your stove does not influence how money enters your home.

• Burners have nothing to do with making money.

• Metal wind chimes should never be hung in the kitchen.

• A mirror behind the stove is great for checking your appearance and not much else.

The kitchen location is very important; unfortunate locations can influence such things as illness, arguments, family problems, financial loss and weight gain.

The important factors for a stove are its location, direction and placement. A stove represents the element fire; therefore, based on its location, we analyze what type of energy is being burned and the influence on the house and people. A stove can benefit health and money if facing a positive direction.

No matter how “Feng Shui perfect” your kitchen is, if your house doesn’t receive good energy, your wealth might be lacking.

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