Healthy Beginnings

Essential Oils Spotlight: The Health Benefits of Rose Oil

Essential oils have become more popular in the last few years, as more and more people have found the various benefits of using oils in their daily lives.

Sense of smell affects our bodies greatly, as smell goes directly to the brain and does not have to be processed by the digestive track or spinal cord, unlike our other senses. Smell’s effect on our mind, body and emotions is instant and makes a vastly strong impression in our lives. Therefore, aromatherapy causes a change, shift or healing in our emotions and bodies.

As we all know, February is the month that we recognize both love and heart health. One of the best oils for this month is rose oil. Rose oil can help to lessen pain, calm the mind, uplift the mood, reduce inflammation, heal the skin and act as a great aphrodisiac – no wonder the price of roses goes up this time of year, roses are the Viagra of flowers!

Some other great oils for romance are ylang ylang, patchouli and jasmine. Combining these oils with a carrier or base oil would be a wonderful addition to a romantic massage, which should be mutually reciprocated for best results. To enhance physical endurance, add some peppermint, lemon, tea tree or eucalyptus oils. Putting these combinations in a di user would also make for a wonderful evening.

Some of these same oils are also great for heart health. High blood pressure can be helped with lemon, peppermint, rose and ylang ylang oil. To help poor circulation, use basil, citrus, oregano, rose, rosemary and thyme.

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