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Essential Oils Spotlight: Back to School Ideas for Building Strong Immunity

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Summer is winding down, and it’s nearly time for the kids to return to school. Oh, boy! Get ready for the sniffles and coughs and sore throats and all the fun stuff that gets passed around at school. But, what if you start building up the immune system now, and keep all those unhealthy critters at bay?

A good start to building immunity is to use a combination of oils to disinfect those areas that are touched often. Some favorites to combine with water include lemon, lime or lemongrass with pine, rosemary and sage. You can also add patchouli, tea tree or eucalyptus. Adding a few drops to your laundry is also a great idea. I use lemon and lemongrass in my dryer to soften clothes by putting a few drops on some wool balls, but you can also use new tennis balls, too. Or, add any of the above in combination for a nice scent and softer clothes, without using dryer sheets that are loaded with chemicals.

Using a spray mister or diffuser with essential oils in your home is also a great idea when someone does bring home the dreaded cold, or any respiratory type disease. You can combine 2 ounces of distilled water, 25 drops of lemon, 25 drops of clove, 25 drops of sage and you can add 10 drops of colloidal silver for an even better effect. If your diffuser is larger, just add more water. Another option includes 2 ounces of distilled water, 25 drops of peppermint, 25 drops of clove, 13 drops of lemon, 12 drops of ginger and 10 drops of colloidal silver.

If breathing issues persist, some Tei-fu oil, a Chinese formula that dates back over a thousand years, can be put on a tissue and then inhaled. This will help to clear sinus or respiratory problems. For sinus headaches or a stuffy nose, put a few drops on the palms of your hands, rub them together and cup hands over the nose and mouth – not eyes – then inhale. You can also rub a drop on or under the nose. Do avoid getting into the eyes. Tei-fu can also be used for muscle pain or sprains by rubbing 2-3 drops into the painful area. It can also treat a nasty cough in children, just use 1-2 drops internally with water or rub 2 drops on their chest so that it absorbs (they can also inhale it for better breathing). For stomach pains or vomiting put 1-2 drops in water or rub 2 drops into the throat area. It really is an all-around medicine chest in a bottle.

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