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Esoteric Physiology and Health – True Healing Includes Spiritual Practice

The present day Western approach to health care is very limited in its ability to correctly diagnose and treat illness. The materialistic scientific paradigm of the human being has as its theoretic basis that we are just physical beings. We are beings composed of matter who have evolved from the apes. Man is a higher ape.

This scientific view of the human being is false. We do obviously have a physical body, but to limit who we are to our physical expression would be to ignore the deeper reality of our being of which the physical body is a manifestation. In truth we are beings composed of body, soul and spirit. The soul and spirit constituents of our being are non-physical and interpenetrate and animate this physical body. Our actual esoteric physiology is much more complex than this, comprising seven bodies – each one created from a different dimensional reality and interpenetrating the physical body. We are each connected with the seven cosmic planes

or dimensional realities, but most people are just not conscious of it. In fact, the design of the human being is that of the microcosm of the macrocosm. The macrocosm is the great universe and the microcosm is the small universe – the individual human being. We are each individualized expressions of the entire creation. This means that all the power, love and wisdom of the universe is contained within each and every one of us.

Where is all of this power, love and wisdom in each of us? It is contained within the soul whose scientific term is the subconscious mind. We are all familiar with the statement that most psychologists and psychiatrists agree that most of us are only using 5 to 10 percent of our mental potential. What is going on with the other 90 to 95 percent? That is the soul or subconscious mind where all of our hidden powers and abilities reside. The goal of human evolution individually and collectively is to unfold 100 percent of our mental potential. The name of the game here is the evolution of consciousness – to live the state of being that we were designed to live. The traditional names of this goal of human evolution are self-realization, enlightenment and cosmic consciousness.

This is a very different paradigm of the human being than our materialistic base science gives to us. We are fundamentally spiritual beings of light that come from the highest level of creation while we are currently incarnate at the lowest level of creation in this realm of density, physicality and materiality. We are beings of spirit in the realms of matter. We are in the process of integrating spirituality into materiality and materiality into spirituality. We do this by our spirit and soul being incarnate in our physical body. Our physical body is the emanation or manifestation of our spirit and soul into the physical. To think that we are just physical beings is a total illusion.

The principle of spirit is wisdom, which expresses through our thinking. The principle of soul is love, which expresses through our feelings and emotions. The principle of the physical body is will, which expresses through our actions. We are a trinity of forces that expresses through our thinking, feeling and action.

It might be helpful to understand some esoteric physiology. These six other bodies that interpenetrate the physical are the etheric, astral, lower mental, higher mental, buddhic and atmic. These bodies connect into the physical through the seven chakras. The counterpart of the chakras in the physical body are the endocrine glands that secrete the hormones into our blood system.

The spirit and our ability to be conscious and able to think manifests into the physical as our nervous system. The soul and our capacity to give and receive love manifests as the rhythmic system of heart and lungs. The principle of will as manifest in the physical body takes its form in our metabolic or digestive system. Ideally these systems are to achieve balance within their own functioning and with each other. Health issues that manifest within these systems tell us that there are problems with the body, soul or spirit that need attention.

Everything begins with thinking. The word “man” comes from the Sanskrit, which means “to think.” The mystery of the human being is contained within the mystery of human thinking. As a person thinks, so they are. You change a person’s thinking and you change a person’s life. If we think that we are just physical beings evolved from the apes that in and of itself is enough to create ill health and disease in the person. If you think that you are a higher animal then you will think and act like that. Look at the current state of the world.

First and foremost we are spiritual beings of light and consciousness intending to live the fullness of our being while in a physical body here on Earth. Most all of us have health issues that we are dealing with and will ultimately die of. All health issues are karmic in nature. Karma is a Sanskrit word which means “action.” Our spirit and soul incarnate into a physical body in order to be able to express our thinking and feeling in action. The law of karma is the law of cause and effect – as you sow, so shall you reap. Simplistically, you do good stuff and good stuff happens to you; you do bad stuff and bad stuff happens to you. Through free will choice we have to choose between right and wrong, light and darkness and good and evil. Our good karma manifests as our talents and abilities; our bad karma manifests as our problems, difficulties and issues. In a personal way they manifest as our self-sabotaging, self-destructive patterns of thinking, feeling and action. When we refuse to change these patterns they manifest as health issues and crisis. When the repetitious violation of cosmic law manifests physically as health issues we can’t ignore it any more and be in denial of it. The issue has taken physical form. The particular disease or health issue is related to specific organs and parts of the body that embody specific aspects of consciousness. The physical treatment of the malady rarely truly heals unless it is accompanied by a shift in consciousness of the individual that results in an enlightened change in thinking, feeling and action. True healing must include working with the spirit, soul and body together through spiritual practice and technologies of consciousness. Meditation, yoga, tai chi, prayer and vibrational medicine are essential in true healing.

All this knowledge related to health and healing is contained within esoteric astrology. Your personal karma and how to heal it are contained within your birth chart.

By Robert Ayres, M.S.

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