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Enjoy Beautiful Lake Tahoe

Where does Lake Tahoe Flow? 63 streams feed into Lake Tahoe but only one flows out – the Truckee River. Unlike most bodies of water in North America, Tahoe’s water never reaches the ocean, flowing into Reno and Pyramid Lake.

Average annual snowfall: 216 Inches (18 feet)

Elevation at Lake level: 6,225 Feet

Air temperature/January: High 38oF and Low 16oF

Air temperature/July: High 79oF and Low 43oF


11th deepest lake in the world and one of the clearest

Average depth: 1000 ft. Greatest depth: 1636 ft.

Sunshine days:: 290 per year

Shoreline: 72 miles

Total surface area: 192 square miles

Dimensions: 22 miles long and 12 miles wide

Annual visitors: 2.7 million

Water temperature: February 40-50F

August 65-70F

Annual rainfall: 8.3 inches average

Lake Tahoe holds 41 trillion gallons of water.