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Enhance Your Sexual Performance with The P-Shot (for Him)

GUYS: Are you ready to bring spontaneity back into your life? Are you ready to make a difference in your everyday life? If you are, (and even if you are not,) you are ready for the P-Shot®.

In our last exciting episode, we introduced our Healthy Beginnings Magazine family to the miraculous, game changing, O-Shot®.

Designed for improved female sensitivity, intensity and ease of orgasm,
the O-Shot® has, as a surprising “side effect” – a greatly improved urinary incontinence pro le and an easing of the itching, scarring and pain of lichen sclerosus.

While our patients are absolutely loving their renewed female “spring,” guys, it’s the month of May1 once more for you, too. Male form and function, often a surrogate for self-esteem, can dramatically affect a relationship, positively or negatively. Being able to achieve and maintain satisfaction in the bedroom can affect one’s overall outlook not only on the home front, but in the boardroom as well.

Fifty percent of men between the ages of 40 and 70 experience, at some point in their lives, some sort of sexual dysfunction2.

Prior to March 27, 1998, the day the Food And Drug Administration approved Viagra, there was little to no discussion about difficulties with sexual activity and sexual fulfillment. It was one of those “you’re getting older” issues we just dealt with.

Interestingly, Viagra, developed accidentally, was originally studied for its blood pressure and chest pain reducing properties. Viagra, and its rivals, Levitra and Cialis, improve pelvic blood flow and performance on a short- term basis. They are expensive, are accompanied by serious frequent side effects and do next to nothing for premature ejaculation or penile length and girth.

To solve this dilemma, we developed the Clearfield Medical Group Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Program for Men. While our method garners praise from patients as near as the Truckee Meadows Basin, and as far away as Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, for a certain subset of men, hormone replacement is not indicated, not tolerated, not desired or is not satisfying enough.

In the August 2016 issue, we introduced the concept of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), extracting stem cells from your own blood, as a means of stimulating new collagen and growing new blood vessels, nerves and fatty tissue to “repair” maturing skin, hair and alleviate hormonal decline.

PRP was developed from scientific experimentation resulting from everyday seemingly innocuous events. In the case of PRP, we noticed that, several days after scraping a knee or elbow following a fall, a yellow “goo” forms around the scab1. The “goo” consists of multi-potent stem cells, containing growth factors, eight to be exact, sentinels lying dormant, waiting to

be called upon to repair damaged tissue3. Study of the physiological progression of the wound from the moment of injury to completed healing renders us capable of replicating Mother Nature, essentially creating our own “goo.”

Overall, 1 in 2 adult males between the ages of 40 and 70 have some sort of sexual issue they consider problematic. For guys, the question is clear. The answer, is… the Priapus or P-Shot®. The P-Shot® is a virtually side- effect free PRP derived from your own blood.

What Is the P-Shot®?

The P-Shot ® delivers lasting improvement in sexual performance and restores function due to prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, the after-effects of surgery, drug side effects and other conditions such as diabetes.

How Does the P-Shot® Work?

PRP contains multiple growth and healing factors4. PRP stimulates healing and rejuvenation, resulting in tissue and new blood vessel growth and improved penile circulation. Increased girth, up to
15 percent, and length, by as much as 10 percent, of the penis is common. Stronger erections, increased sensation and pleasure, and enhanced sexual performance are noticeable after receiving the injection. Best of all, by using your own blood-derived plasma, the procedure is non-allergenic and free from harmful side effects.

Benefits of the P-Shot®

Each patient’s experience varies, but the most common responses to the P-Shot® are:

  • Increased erectile firmness
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Increased blood flow and circulation
  • Improved prostate function and discomfort
  • Improved sexual capability
  • Improved urinary incontinence
  • Improved sexual stamina
  • Increased sensation and pleasure

The P-Shot® is an absolute game changer when it comes to improving sensitivity, intensity and ease of orgasm. 
Next month we will cover the Vampire Hair Restoration Project
in depth. If you would like more information on our Vampire Treatments, if you are curious about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement or if you have questions about all-things thyroid, see our comprehensive thyroid series in Healthy Beginnings Magazine from July 2015 through June 2016.

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