Healthy Beginnings

Editor’s Letter | December 2012

This is absolutely my favorite time of year! It might sound a little Pollyanna or optimistic of me, but our country needs a dose of bright lights, joyous carol and bowls full of jelly. We could all use a little holiday cheer. We could all use a little more family time. We could also use a little understanding.

I think we’re so caught in the motion, the daily grind, that we robotically follow the patterns of “life” and we forget the meaning of celebration. Shopping for holiday gifts becomes a “to-do.” Baking, cooking and cleaning become common complaints. Regretfully, we fill our schedules with party after party. We eagerly search for tips on “how to survive holidays with the family.” Where is the cheer in all of this behavior?

Like the popular story reveals, it is the past, present and potential future that shed light on who we are and who we will become. With that, it is time to reflect. It is time to breathe in the spirit of “holiday” and “celebration,” and meditate on it. Find out what it is that will help you take a holiday from the chaos of the holidays. Find out which aspects of celebration make you want to celebrate. Then, put those together and voila: your reason to cheer!

Take a look at our articles on music, emotional gifts and holiday recipes; you might find a few additions to your holiday repertoire. Just remember, to celebrate is to perform ceremony, to honor and deviate from routine. A holiday is a period of exemption and relief. So, work at cherishing this time, and fully live in the spirit of the season.

On behalf of myself and the Healthy Beginnings Team, we wish you the happiest of holidays!

Pause. Breathe. & Be Well,

Ffjorren Zolfahgar
Editor & Content Director