Healthy Beginnings

Editor’s Letter | November 2012

Thank you. Gracias. Danke. Spacibo. Mahalo. ありがとう. Salamat. Merci. Grazie. Tak. Cheers. Gratia. Blagodaram!

Gratitude, simply defined, is the quality of being thankful. ‘Tis the season to do just that…

If ever you feel the blues set in, or your holiday spirit waning, try this simple exercise to find your “kind.” Take two to fifteen minutes thinking about three (or more) things in your life that make you smile. It could range from simple to complex; like a hot bubble bath, a great hike or a slobbery kiss from your little one, or little pet. Maybe you were able to give to charity, or to a family member or friend in need. Or maybe, someone gave something to you. These are all smile-worthy feats, and deservedly so, as they represent hope. It is a hope that symbolizes health, happiness and prosperity in your life, in little ways that add up. This exercise will help restore your mood, and even your outlook on the not-so-small things that really do matter.

For more assignments on gratitude, take a peek at Rev. Jack Elliott’s Going Within column on “Un-forgiveness.” Also, our book review on “The Inspired Life” offers insight on finding joy and how to live life with passion and purpose. On a lighter note, peruse our organic wines, mulling spices and key lime cheesecake articles and be inspired to add a few new items to your holiday shopping list.

We at Healthy Beginnings are truly, greatly and deeply thankful for YOU, our readers. For, without you, these words would just lay flat, pressed on ink and paper. But you give them life every time they enter your mind, body and spirit. With that, we hope you find even more thanks during this time of giving.

On behalf of myself and the Healthy Beginnings Team, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Pause. Breathe. & Be Well,

Ffjorren Zolfahgar Editor & Content Director